Common Trees You’ll Find in Atlanta

If you’re like many gardening enthusiasts, you keep up with regular tree pruning, tree trimming , and other forms of tree care to keep your landscaping in great shape. For horticulture enthusiasts who are interested in tree care near Atlanta or Decatur, knowing more about the local species can be beneficial. Continue reading to learn about some of the tree species that you’re likely to see in this area:

Tree Species in Atlanta, GA

  • Yellow Buckeye: This tree can grow to over 100 feet in height and has palmately compound leaves that are broad and flat. The fruit that grows on this tree is inedible for humans but is well-liked by squirrels.
  • Downy Serviceberry: This is a deciduous tree that enjoys partial to full sun and has oval or oblong leaves. This tree’s fruit is a favorite for many types of wildlife.
  • Pawpaw: Reaching no higher than 25 feet, the pawpaw has feather-veined leaves in wedge-shaped leaflets. Some pawpaws produce a fruit that tastes like a mixture of mango, melon, and banana.
  • Eastern Redbud: Bearing simple leaves that are thin and papery, the Eastern Redbud is a showy specimen that boasts bright, violet colored blossoms in early spring.

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