Tips for Maintaining Native Trees

Many people choose to install native plants and trees to have more eco-friendly landscaping. If you have questions about native tree care near Atlanta or Decatur , then continue reading for some helpful tips.

Native Tree Care Service in Atlanta, GA

When caring for native trees, keep in mind that they are naturally acclimated to do well in your area. What this means is that they can be equipped to withstand high and low temperatures in your region and can better protect themselves against tree pests and diseases that are native to your area. Also, the required amount of tree care for native species can be far less than that of non-native varieties.

As with any tree, pruning and tree trimming should be done consistently to prevent the foliage from growing too densely. Also, remember to prune any branches that are damaged, broken, or dead as soon as you spot them. Even though native trees can be less vulnerable to pests and diseases, be sure to contact a tree service or an ISA Certified Arborist if you notice that your tree looks unhealthy.


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