Restoring Your Trees After a Storm

It’s a good idea to consider tree removal in Decatur and Atlanta if you’ve got weak trees that look ready to fall, but what happens if a storm takes them down before your appointment with your certified arborist? You’ll have to walk around your property and look through the damage so you can let your arborist know what to expect. If your trees were a staple of your curb appeal, then you might also want to plant new ones after the storm passes. Keep reading for more on restoring your trees after a storm .

Tree Restoration by AKA Tree Removal in Atlanta, GA

Checking Out the Damage

A severe weather event can take its toll and leave serious destruction in its wake. Once the storm has passed and it’s once again safe to go outside, look around and survey the damage. Even a perfectly healthy tree can sustain damage after an intense storm, which can put you and your family in danger. If you notice that any of your trees have weak branches due to the storm, you might need tree removal services. Removing weakened tree limbs will help reduce the chances of accidents or injury.

Hiring an Arborist

Unless you happen to already have a background in emergency tree services, you should be sure to find an arborist who can help you deal with the aftermath of the storm. A qualified tree service will be able to identify signs of disease as well as determine if any of your trees or their branches might pose a threat to your family and property. From there, you can decide if you need tree removal to avoid falling branches.

Planting New Trees

If you are forced to have the tree removal professionals get rid of your prized landscaping elements because of storm damage, you might want to consider planting new trees. You can plant young trees that are already starting to develop, or you can plant new seeds so that your kids can watch the saplings grow alongside of them. Ask your stump remover if you have any questions about what you should plant.


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