Summer Pruning Tips for Your Cherry and Apricot Trees

Proper tree pruning near Decatur and Atlanta helps keep your landscape features beautiful and safe, and it can encourage fruit growth in certain types of trees. With regular tree care, you can maintain a gorgeous yard full of healthy trees. Check out this video for some summer pruning tips for your cherry and apricot trees.

It’s a good idea to start pruning your cherry and apricot trees between the middle of June and the middle of July. Pick 4 branches that stem off the trunk at anywhere between 45 and 60-degree angles—these will be your scaffolding branches. Label these branches so you don’t forget which ones you’ve chosen, and prune all the other branches to 6 inches or so. Then you can prune the central leader a little more than a foot and a half from the upper scaffolding branch, and watch as your trees come to flourish.


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