Understanding Insurance Benefits and Tree Removal

Anyone who has experienced a significant storm may have seen trees that have fallen over due to the wind, rain, and lightning. Sometimes trees fall down because they’re diseased. Whether the elements or a lack of tree care near Decatur and Atlanta were behind the fall, significant damages can occur when a heavy branch breaks. This is why it’s important to understand your insurance policy when it comes to tree removal. Depending on the circumstances, you may or may not be financially responsible for having the tree taken away. Read ahead if you could use some help understanding insurance benefits and tree removal .

Tree Insurance Benefits

A branch that falls from a tree won’t always cause damage, but heavy branches present significant potential for danger. A fallen branch may land on a car, your house, or even your body. There will be a cost to remove the fallen tree as well as a cost to deal with the damage, so you should know what your insurance policy will and will not cover. If your tree fell over because it was diseased, the insurance company should pay to repair any damage that occurred. However, you might have to pay to have the tree removed.


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