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  • Tips for Hiring an Arborist

    As you can see in the video, hiring a tree company serving Atlanta isn’t always an easy task. Tree companies should be trained and certified as arborists before conducting any sort of tree service on your property.

    Your professional tree service company should have required insurances and licensing before doing any work on your trees. They should have a detailed proposal telling you exactly what they will be doing, as well as how much it will cost. Beware of scam companies that try to sell you tree removal as a door-to-door service. Also, look out for terms on the proposal, such as topping, lacing out, and lion’s tailing. They are not acceptable practices among tree care professionals, and they are considered red flags in the industry.

  • Spotlight on Tree Care

    tree pruning and trimming Professional tree care near Atlanta is an essential service to keep your trees in proper health and beauty. Services like tree pruning and trimming help the tree to flourish by cutting away dead and dying branches. Also, professional tree care can help your other plants and landscape located near or under the trees.

    When your tree company comes out to perform regular tree pruning and trimming services on your tree, they are maintaining its health, vitality, and the health of the surrounding landscape. By conducting regular tree services, these professionals can strip away dead branches and leaves, thus allowing more light and rain to the ground below. If a tree becomes ill, or it is in danger of falling or dying, certified arborists can identify this illness before it spreads to the plants and trees nearby. Also, these professionals can do any tree removal you might need in the future, in case a tree falls too ill to save.

  • Top Reasons to Work With a Certified Arborist

    work with a certified tree arborist A professional tree service can recommend a certified arborist near Atlanta to help you maintain your trees. This essential part of tree service can go a long way toward beautifying your yard, protecting your tree investment, and keeping your property safe from fallen trees. Here are some of the many reasons you should work with a certified tree arborist .

    Plant the Right Way

    Plants and trees are organisms that can be just as fickle as humans. They need to be in the right soil, in the right place of the yard, with the right water to grow to their full potential. On top of these requirements, certain trees need to be planted a specific number of feet in the ground, or they need a set amount of space between them and other plants. There are multiple characteristics for all of the tree species in the world. A certified arborist has completed years of study on various species of trees. He can help you plant your trees in the way they will flourish best.

    Work with the Doctors of the Tree World

    Trees develop sicknesses, the same as other plants, animals, and humans. A certified arborist can diagnose the sickness, and hopefully, he can cure the tree. Depending on the sickness, an arborist can give you the symptoms to watch for in your other trees. The illness may be contagious to the surrounding trees, and the arborist can identify what might be causing it so you can get rid of it.

    Save Money in the End

    Some homeowners may not see the need to pay for a tree arborist, but you should protect your investment in every way possible. Purchasing a tree, and then caring for it, is an expensive task. If your tree contracts an illness, or is not cared for properly, you will lose your money. An arborist can save you money in the end by helping you keep your investment alive for decades to come.

  • What to Do If a Tree Falls In Your Yard

    call an emergency tree service near Atlanta Don’t let that dead or dying tree cause you havoc during the next big storm. Call for a tree removal right away because a fallen tree can be a scary experience. Take a deep breath, make sure everyone is okay, and call an emergency tree service near Atlanta .

    Check for Snags

    Once you have ensured no one was harmed by the fallen tree, check for anything it might have connected with as it fell. Make sure no utility lines, telephone, or electricity lines were taken down with the tree. If anything was damaged in the fall—lines, your home, or your yard—call the appropriate professionals to assess the damage and hopefully fix it. In case a utility or electric line was damaged, do not approach it. Electricity could still be active, and anyone near the line could be seriously injured.

    Take Pictures

    Just as you would with a car accident, you want to take pictures of the tree and surrounding damage for your insurance claim. Insurance agencies need a detailed account of the accident to fulfill a claim, and pictures will corroborate the story you provide.

    Schedule Professional Tree Removal

    Some insurances have tree insurance in the cases of storm damage and emergency tree removal. Contact a professional tree removal company to remove the fallen tree safely and quickly. Do not attempt to remove the tree yourself. Depending on where it landed, the tree may have caused greater damage to your home or property than you realize. If you remove a tree improperly, you risk furthering any damage the tree has caused. Also, many insurance companies will not honor a claim to fix your home or yard if you do not have a professional service.

    Check Your Other Trees

    Prevent future destruction by checking the health of your surrounding trees. If the trees are old, sick, or have already died and rotted, your home could be in for more damage during the next big storm. Your removal company can offer tree pruning and inspection services.