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  • Why You Should Remove a Dead Tree

    A lush, healthy tree can greatly enhance your home’s landscape. On the flip side, a dead tree can be quite the eyesore and detract from the beauty and curb appeal of your home. Unfortunately there are a lot of elements that can severely affect a tree’s health, including severe winds, harsh storms, drought, improper trimming, fungus, and even insects like wood-boring bugs. When one of your trees dies, contact a tree removal service in Atlanta to safely bring it down and dispose of the dead tree. Here are some important reasons to hire a tree service to remove a dead tree:

    tree service to remove a dead tree

    Dead Trees are Dangerous

    Decay and decomposition gradually compromise the structural integrity of a tree after it dies. Weakened branches may fall during or a storm or under their own weight, causing damage to whatever or whoever is beneath them at the time. People and animals can suffer serious injury, if not death, from being hit by a falling branch. In time the entire tree may fall, so hire someone to remove a dead tree as soon as you can.

    Tree Diseases are Contagious

    If your tree died from a disease, other plants and trees can contract that disease. If you suspect that a tree has died or is dying, schedule a tree inspection with a professional arborist. This inspection will reveal the cause of the tree’s death and allow the arborist to treat nearby plants and trees if a contagious tree disease is the culprit.

    Dead Trees are Unattractive

    Perhaps most importantly of all, you should have a dead tree removed because dead trees are quite simply not aesthetically pleasing. If you spend time and money on other aspect of landscaping, you’re counteracting those upgrades by leaving a dead tree in your yard. A tree removal service in Atlanta can get rid of the eyesore and clean up your landscape in no time.

  • All About AKA Tree Removal

    Removing a tree can be dangerous work, especially when removing tall, mature trees close to buildings and utility lines. Fortunately, the tree removal experts at AKA Tree Removal of Atlanta create a thorough plan of action and takes into account all risks before beginning removing a tree, ensuring that no damage will come to your home or surrounding structures. And once the tree is safely grounded, the experts at AKA Tree Removal will get to work quickly removing all debris from your property. AKA Tree Removal can even grind any remaining stumps or plant replacement trees to further improve the look of your landscape.

    In addition to tree removal services, AKA Tree Removal also offers a wide range of tree care services including trimming, pruning, and emergency storm cleanup. Contact AKA Tree Removal to obtain a free estimate or to schedule your tree service today!

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  • The Process of Pruning Young Trees

    If you want to have lush, healthy trees someday, you need to make sure your young trees receive proper pruning early and often. Young trees that receive appropriate trimming and pruning will require less corrective measures as they mature. Professional tree pruning will also help maintain the shape and appearance of your young trees as they come into maturity, which will bolster the curb appeal of your home. A professional tree trimmer in Atlanta will prune your young trees in the following manner:

    tree pruning Atlanta

    Inspect Overall Tree Condition

    Before pruning, the arborist will inspect the young trees to look for signs of damage or disease. If your trees are not healthy, your arborist will recommend services to strengthen your trees to ensure proper growth.

    Identify Cut Locations

    Pruning cut location is critical to a tree’s growth and wound closure response. Before making any cuts, the tree trimming expert will identify the best cut locations to avoid damaging the trunk and compromising wound response, which is the way a tree heals after its branches are cut. Improper cuts may lead to permanent internal decay, so leave pruning to a professional tree trimming service in Atlanta.

    Select Permanent Branches

    In addition to selecting cut locations based on wound response, your arborist will also identify permanent branches based on spacing and balance, both vertically and radially. The tree professional will also consider the relative size of the branches and branch angles in choosing permanent branches.

    Establish Strong Scaffold Structure

    A good structure of primary branches, called scaffold branches, is a mature tree’s framework. The tree trimmer will establish a strong, central trunk with sturdy, well-spaced branches to train the young trees to establish a solid framework as they mature. This is crucial if your trees are to develop a strong structure that requires less corrective pruning as they mature.

  • Understanding Tree Removal

    Trees add beauty and richness to any landscape. Unfortunately, they can also become an eyesore when damaged, discolored, or disfigured. If you have trees that are detracting from the beauty of your home, or even trees that block your view, call an expert to remove your trees and beautify your landscape. As you will see in this video, tree removal is not a task for do-it-yourselfers. You will also learn in this video how to tell if your tree is damaged and needs to be removed.

    Now that you understand how difficult tree removal can be, be sure to hire a professional for all your tree removal services in Atlanta . A tree removal expert utilizes the latest equipment to remove your trees quickly and safely. If you want to save time and maintain your home’s appearance, leave your tree removal and tree care needs in the hands of a trained professional.