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  • Reasons to Leave Tree Trimming to the Pros

    Tree Trimming in Atlanta, GA There is no substitute for the professional tree services near Atlanta offered by AKA Tree Removal. Trimming a tree can harm the tree, cause property damage, and even put your life at risk. If your neighbor’s property is damaged or a person is harmed when you are trimming a tree, you may be held responsible. For more reasons why you should leave tree trimming to experienced professionals, read on.

    Tree trimming is more than just clipping off tree limbs and branches. An experienced arborist will tailor the services to your needs and desires as a property owner, as well as the type of tree you need trimmed. Professional tree trimming professionals are licensed, bonded, and insured to ensure your tree is trimmed safely, efficiently, and thoroughly. At AKA Tree Removal, we have years of experience with tree trimming. We are an ISA-Certified arborist and have attained accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. We also offer 24/7 emergency services. Contact us today for a free estimate.

  • Should You Have a Tree Removed?

    tree removal services near Atlanta Tree removal can be a tough decision, but in many cases it will make your property safer and more attractive in the long run. Scheduling tree removal services near Atlanta earlier, rather than later, can also save you money. To learn all about the reasons to have a tree removed from your property, read this article.

    The Tree is Damaged, Dying, or Dead

    If you notice your tree is dying or dead, we recommend scheduling professional tree removal services immediately. The longer you wait, the more likely the tree is to decay. A decaying tree is harder for tree professionals to remove and more susceptible to falling. Similarly, damaged trees with a crack in the main trunk are prone to interior decay and falling. If you notice large dead branches, decay on the main trunk, or the top of the tree dying, then the tree’s health is declining and should be checked or removed by a professional tree trimming service. Trees damaged by a major storm may be impossible to repair, and should be removed instead.

    The Tree is Likely to Damage Property

    A tree that leans too close to your house, driveway, patio, pool, or yard is a hazard not only to your property, but to the people on your property as well. Call a professional tree trimmer to see if the tree can be trimmed or corrected if you are adamant about keeping the tree. If the tree roots pose a threat to your driveway, underground utilities, sidewalk, or foundation, contact a trimmer to schedule a tree root removal.

    The Tree is Too Close to the House

    You should also consider a tree removal service if the tree is too close to a neighbor’s property, as you will probably be considered liable if a tree branch falls and either hurts someone or damages another person’s property.

    The Tree is a Nuisance

    If your tree has grown too large, it may begin to obstruct your view or block natural light from entering your home. Certain types of trees may be likely to drop lots of seeds, branches, and sap.

  • Tips for Hiring a Tree Pruning Service

    Not all tree cutting services in Atlanta are the same. In fact, some can present a danger to you, your family, and your property by using unsafe pruning methods. Tree pruning that is not done by a professional can cause permanent damage to a tree. To make sure that you hire the right tree pruning service, follow the tips in this video clip.

    First, do not seek a professional tree trimming service from a company that advertises the lowest prices in Atlanta. These companies are generally not licensed, and do not have the experience or training required to properly prune trees. Unfortunately, bad tree pruning is not something that is easily noticeable until several years in the future when the tree needs to be removed. Choose an ISA-certified arborist that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.