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  • When to Treat and When to Remove a Tree

    Although you may love the old trees on your property, certain diseases or traumatic events may damage them beyond healing, and you may need to remove a tree. Consult with professional tree services in Atlanta to determine whether your tree is salvageable or not.

    Lightning strikes and diseases are not the only things that can damage a tree. Improper pruning or incorrect tree trimming over the course of years can also shock and stress the tree, as can excessive excavation and construction that damages the tree’s root system. Watch this video to learn when damaged trees can be saved and when you need tree removal service.

  • When and Why You Should Have Your Trees Pruned

    tree removal service in atlanta ga Professional tree services in Atlanta have the proper tree trimming equipment to prune the trees on your property. Trees are living things, and like any living thing they require care in order to thrive and stay healthy. Regular pruning is necessary to ensure that your trees remain robust and grow safely without becoming a safety hazard. To learn more about tree pruning and why it is important, read on.

    What Is Pruning?

    Pruning, sometimes called “tree trimming,” is the process of cutting branches from a tree. Trees on commercial or residential properties need frequent pruning in order to remove dead branches and to maintain an aesthetically pleasing shape. Also, when branches grow too close to roofs, power lines, or other trees on the property, pruning is necessary to avoid potential safety hazards. Pruning can also help more light and air reach the tree trunk and the area around the tree itself.

    Can I Prune My Trees Myself?

    Generally, by the time that trees are large enough to need pruning, it is no longer a feasible do-it-yourself project. Pruning cuts need to be very precise so that the tree’s bark and trunk tissue are not damaged. Also, heavy branches need to be trimmed carefully so that they do not crash to the ground and cause any damage to other branches or to other objects near the tree when they fall. Professional tree trimmers have the tools and the experience necessary to prune your trees correctly.

    When and How Often Should I Have My Trees Pruned?

    Routine pruning, especially of small branches, can be done year-round. However, if you need to have any large branches removed, you should wait until just before a tree’s spring growth, if possible. Pruning before spring growth improves and accelerates the tree’s healing process. If you have the tree pruned after spring growth, this can stress it and potentially cause healing problems. Consult with an arborist to determine the ideal pruning schedule for the types of trees you have on your property.

  • Trimming vs. Removing a Tree [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Trees are functional and aesthetically pleasing, providing shade for your home and yard as well as beautifying your neighborhood. Air and water stay cleaner with trees, and they can help keep soil in place to prevent erosion. However, it’s important to have your trees professionally trimmed so that they remain healthy and safe. Tree trimming and pruning in Atlanta encourage healthy growth, and remove dead branches that could be hazardous. There are certain times when tree removal is necessary, such as when more than half of the tree is damaged or when there are signs of internal rot. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about caring for trees and when you should have them trimmed or removed. Please share with your friends and neighbors.

    Trimming vs Removing Tree

  • The Benefits of Hiring an Arborist

    hiring an ISA certified arborist atlanta georgia If you have one or more trees on your property near Atlanta, you should consider hiring an ISA certified arborist . Arborists are highly trained professionals with an extensive knowledge of the science and reasoning behind all tree care processes. If you are unsure whether you need to remove a tree or simply schedule a pruning, an arborist can help you decide.

    Arborists can provide you with a full range of professional tree services, including tree trimming or cutting, tree removal, emergency triage, and planting. They are also familiar with all the tree trimming tools necessary to safely remove branches, tree stumps, and dead trees from your trees, and they have access to other equipment that will allow them to do their jobs quickly and efficiently. An arborist can also evaluate the position, health, and age of the trees on your property to determine if any of them pose a hazard or risk growing in a way that will threaten the buildings or the other trees. To keep your trees and your land healthy and beautiful, the services of an arborist are indispensable.

  • Deciding Between Tree Pruning and Removal

    tree removal service atlanta Even with routine pruning and trimming, some trees unfortunately pose a permanent safety hazard. Also, sometimes damaged trees become unhealthy and start to die. If you suspect you have such a tree on your property, call a tree removal service in Atlanta . An arborist can determine whether your tree simply needs extra pruning or needs to be removed. The guide below will help you understand when to choose tree removal over pruning.

    Overgrown Branches vs. Overgrown Roots

    Property owners often become concerned when tree branches start to grow towards the edge of buildings. Heavy and large branches can threaten windows, roofs, gutters, and power lines. However, branch problems can usually be addressed by careful trimming from a professional tree service. But when a tree’s roots grow into drain pipes and toward a home’s foundation, you may need tree removal services, because at that point there is little else that can be done.

    Branch Damage vs. Trunk Damage

    If your tree has been damaged by an event such as high winds or a lightning strike, have a professional inspect it. When damage is mostly confined to the branches, there is a chance that the tree can be saved by precise pruning. If the damage is all on one side, however, the tree will be lopsided after trimming and will grow unevenly, thus creating a hazard. And if the trunk is damaged, the chances are higher that you will need to remove the tree, as severe trunk damage is often fatal, and also causes the tree to become structurally unsound.

    Tree Age vs. Tree Space

    For many species, growth slows dramatically after the tree reaches a certain age. In some cases, older trees can be kept under control simply by scheduling more frequent pruning. Younger trees, however, still have the potential to grow quite a bit. If you have purchased a property where young trees were planted too close to buildings, power lines, or even to one another, you may need to remove them if they start to cause problems and grow in unsafe ways.