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  • Questions to Ask About Tree Removal

    aka tree removal, atlanta tree removal Having a tree removed is an important decision to make as a homeowner. There are certain factors that can make tree removal unavoidable, such as a tree that is growing into power lines, which can be dangerous and pose major risks. If you are planning to have a tree removed from your property, there are certain things to keep in mind when searching for a tree removal service near Atlanta . This article will highlight some of the most important questions to ask when looking for a tree removal service company.

    What Are Important Things To Look For in a Tree Removal Company?

    Just as you would do with any other professional service, you should ask for an estimate upfront before any services are performed. A reputable company will have no problem providing an estimate as well as a detailed plan of how the tree will be removed. Part of the tree removal plan will include an estimate of how much time it will take to remove the tree. An experienced company will be able to know how long a project will take ahead of time. Find a company that can provide reviews from past clients and ask for referrals. When hiring a company, ask about insurance and certification.

    Why is Insurance and Certification Important?

    Tree removal is a big job that comes with a lot of risks. Before you hire anyone, ask about the company’s insurance. They should be able to provide an up-to-date copy of their insurance certification. This protects you from being liable for any damages incurred by removing the tree. Ask about certifications and credentials. If possible, hire a company with International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborists. This means that they are experts you can trust.

    Will Your Property Be Protected?

    In addition to insurance, you want to know that your home and property will be treated with care. Ask if the company makes any arrangements to cover nearby landscaping and how they will go about avoiding any unnecessary damage.

  • Taking Care of Your Fruit Trees

    Fruit trees are a wonderful addition to any yard! These trees provide readily available fresh fruit. They are easy to maintain, and there are many tree services near Atlanta available to help take care of your trees. Like any other trees, fruit trees need tree pruning and tree trimming. Fruit tree care also entails bug removal, as bugs are attracted to the fruit.

    In this video, you will learn simple and easy-to-do tips to keep your fruit trees bug free—without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals that can be harmful to the fruit. By using oil—any type of oil, such as olive, vegetable, etc.—mixed with water to spray down the tree, you can keep your fruit trees bug free. This combined with tree pruning and other tree services can help you maintain your trees.

  • The Importance of Tree Care [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Trees have many benefits, ranging from environmental to aesthetic ones. Without trees, not only would your property look bare, but you’d have reduced privacy, little shade, and less protection from the elements. In order to make sure your trees are healthy, you should have them cared for by a certified arborist near Atlanta . Regular tree maintenance encourages healthy tree growth and can increase the production of flowers and fruits. Tree care also increases safety on your property, as large, dead, or cracked branches will be removed and you won’t run the risk of them falling on people, cars, or structures. Check out this infographic to learn more about why tree care is important for aesthetics, safety, and more. You’ll also find out when the best times are to have your trees pruned. Please share with your friends and neighbors!

    The Importance of Tree Care Infographic

  • Identifying Tree Risk

    identifying tree risk Having trees on your property adds a piece of nature that cannot be matched by any other piece of landscaping. Fruit trees can provide fresh produce just steps outside your kitchen. Since trees can grow to be quite large, they can also pose a liability. If a tree is damaged or decaying, it can cause major problems. If a tree falls over, it can cause significant damage to homes, cars, or anything else in its path. While performing upkeep and maintenance, such as tree pruning near Atlanta, can help keep a tree healthy, it is also important to know when your tree is a risk. Continue reading to learn more about identifying tree risk.

    Identifying Risk in Urban Trees

    One of the most common problems with trees in urban areas, and a leading cause of tree removal, is when trees interfere with power lines. Large trees with branches that grow into power lines can lead to power outages and cause other dangerous outcomes. Tree trimming services, particularly ones with ISA certified arborists, can keep trees pruned so that they do not interfere with power lines. If a tree is growing into a power line and trimming will not avoid problems, it will need to be removed. Trees in urban areas are more likely to have broken branches, decay, or rot.

    Identifying Risk in Rural Trees

    In rural areas, there are fewer risks involved with trees. There is less around that a falling tree can damage, but precautions still need to be taken. In rural areas with new construction or development, tree clearing can cause problems for surrounding trees. In rural areas, it is more likely to find trees with split trunks, which can pose risks as well.

    Managing Tree Risk

    With proper care and precaution, tree risk can easily be managed. Contact a tree removal service and talk with an arborist about your options. When it is possible to save a tree and eliminate risk, it is usually the preferred method for most arborists who want to see trees thrive.

  • Why You Might Need Crane Services

    Crane Services in Atlanta, GA While conventional tree pruning may be appropriate for smaller trees in your yard, you may need to schedule an alternative tree pruning service to care for very large or tall trees. A tree company serving Atlanta will be able to provide you with crane services to help you prune your tallest trees. During this tree pruning service, a certified arborist will use a 35-ton or 75-ton crane to access the highest branches of even the tallest trees. There are several indications that you may need crane services for your tree pruning. For example, if a tall tree shows signs of dead branches or leaves, you should be sure to set up pruning using a crane. In addition, when a very tall tree has branches that are encroaching on your home or property, a crane tree service can be used to safely remove them. To get the most out of your crane service, you should be sure to contact a certified tree pruning company in your local area.