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  • What Are Some Common Tree Diseases?

    regular tree trimming and tree pruning Successful tree care serving Atlanta involves regular tree trimming and tree pruning. Additionally, you should be able to recognize signs of disease on your trees to keep them healthy and attractive. Some tree conditions can result in mild disfiguration while others can lead to tree death. The following are a few common diseases that can affect your trees, even with proper tree trimming and pruning:

    Powdery Mildew

    The result of a number of fungal pathogens, powdery mildew grows on the surface of affected plants, and can be found on a broad range of trees in North America. Powdery mildew can cause leaves, flowers, and shoots to grow abnormally, and can stunt the growth of young trees. To prevent this disease, select fungus-resistant tree varieties and avoid planting in shady or crowded areas.

    Oak Wilt

    One of the more severe diseases that affects trees, oak wilt is a systemic fungal condition that can kill infected plants. Oak wilt can affect many tree species and is spread by beetles and infected grafts. Early symptoms include premature defoliation, rapid leaf discoloration, and yellowed leaf veins. Some tree species respond to treatments, but those in the red oak family do not. As a preventative measure, inject susceptible trees with a systemic fungicide during the growing season.

    Apple Scab

    An early season leaf disease that affects crabapple trees, apple scab shows up in the form of scab-like lesions on leaves. This condition is mostly an aesthetic problem, but can also lead to premature defoliation in affected trees. Tree care for plants infected with apple scab should begin with fungicidal treatments.

    Lethal Yellow of Palm

    Typically affecting palms in Florida and Texas, lethal yellow of palm is caused by phytoplasma transmitted by planthopper insects. Symptoms include premature fruit dropping, yellowing foliage, and flower death. Left untreated, an infected palm will usually die within five months. Using insecticides to prevent transmission of lethal yellow of palm is an effective prevention method, and infected trees sometimes respond to antibiotic injections.

  • Signs That You Need Emergency Tree Service

    signs that indicate you need tree removal If one of the trees on your property looks anything other than healthy or sound, you may need emergency tree removal in Atlanta. Tree removal services can evaluate the state of your tree, remove damaged branches, or remove the tree altogether. To help keep you, your family, and your home safe, watch for signs that indicate you need tree removal.

    Trees That May Fall

    If you find that the trunk of one of your trees is hollow, the tree is a potential danger. Hollow trees can stay alive for years, but their strength is severely compromised, and they are vulnerable to falling. Trees can naturally grow at an angle, but if you notice that a tree is suddenly leaning, there is a good chance that its roots are weakened or have broken. Have a tree service expert examine the tree to determine if it is safe to leave in the ground.

    Trees That Are Damaged

    A good rule of thumb is that if half or more of a tree is damaged, then it presents a hazard and should be removed. A failing tree can carry on for years but may lose branches or fall, presenting a danger. Similarly, if you observe that larger branches on a tree are dead or dying, they should be cut immediately. A tree specialist will be able to tell you if the tree will continue to decline or if the dead branch was a solitary occurrence.

    Other Indicators

    The tree’s root system is essential to its health and stability. If you can see exposed roots that are decaying or damaged, it’s vital to have a tree expert inspect it right away to determine if the root structure, which holds the tree in place, is weakened. Large holes, significant areas of missing bark, or cracks in a tree’s trunk are warning signals that that tree is no longer structurally sound. If you have a tree that is sprouting new growth and branches on the trunk, there is a possibility that the tree is under stress and should be evaluated for removal.

  • Identifying Common Tree Problems

    If you are looking for tree trimming, tree pruning or tree services near Atlanta, you may be wondering how to provide proper tree care or how to treat a problem your tree has. For a tree to have a good start, it’s essential to buy high-quality seedlings, plant them properly, and keep up with tree trimming and pruning. Watch this video for tips on identifying and preventing common tree problems.

    It’s common for people to buy a tree from a nursery and find, after removing it from its nursery pot, that the roots are growing in a circle. If left this way, they will continue to grow in a spiral and will eventually strangle themselves and kill the tree. To prevent this, partially sever the roots to shock them back into their natural, outward growth pattern.

  • How to Hire a Tree Trimmer

    tree trimmer atlanta Properties with trees that grow near roofs and powerlines can benefit from regular tree trimming near Atlanta . Heavy branches over your house can cause extensive damage, promote mold growth, and give rodents easy access to your roof, and trees damaged by storms can be unsightly and dangerous.

    When hiring a professional tree cutting service, first find out if they are licensed and insured. Next, ask the tree service if they can provide referrals so you can be sure that they are experienced in the tasks that need completing and that they provide quality work.

    Before settling on a tree trimming company, look into what the company typically charges customers and then ask for an estimate. Lastly, find out what type of equipment the tree trimming company plans to use. For instance, some companies use spikes to climb trees that can cause damage and leave ugly marks in the bark. Unless you plan to have the tree removed, find a company that does not use spikes.