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  • What Are Some Common Diseases in Maple Trees?

    Have you noticed that your maple trees look less than healthy? If you’re thinking about calling a tree company serving Decatur to inspect your maples, you should know that there are a few common tree ailments that often affect these trees. Watch this video to learn about maple tree diseases that are frequently seen by tree service companies.

    Diseases like anthracnose and leaf spot can make some of your tree’s leaves appear unsightly, but are not likely to cause significant harm to the tree. Tree arborists recommend cleaning up fallen leaves to prevent the disease from recurring next year as a more practical solution to spraying or treating the tree.

    If you notice fungus growing from the roots of your tree, or wilting and discoloring in one area of the tree, call your local tree service . These signs can be symptoms of more serious diseases that can affect maples.

  • Why You Should Hire a Professional for Emergency Tree Removal

    Tree Roots

    Fallen trees and broken branches can pose a significant threat to the safety of your family and property. If one or more of your trees has suffered damage due to storms or high winds, it’s essential to hire a professional for emergency tree removal in Atlanta. Tree service professionals can deal with your damaged trees quickly, safely, and effectively.

    Increased Safety

    In the case of a tree emergency, you should first ensure that everyone is safe and uninjured. If someone has been hurt, seek treatment for the individual before calling emergency tree services. Next, for the safety of you and your family, it’s essential that you hire a professional in tree removal. You should never try to remove a fallen tree yourself because even small trees require expert skills and the proper equipment to be handled safely. Tree removal professionals have the experience needed to deal with your tree emergency safely.

    Mitigated Damage

    Even if a fallen or damaged tree appears to be stable, it may still be a danger to your property. Broken trees should be dealt with as quickly as possible to mitigate the threat that they pose. By calling a professional 24-hour tree service, you can rest assured that the tree will be dealt with efficiently, possibly preventing further damage to your home. Additionally, moving trees and branches can create a significant mess in your yard. Professional tree services have the necessary gear to pick up heavy branches and complete proper stump removal.

    Quicker Reimbursement

    The damage caused by fallen trees and branches can leave you with some costly repair bills. Luckily, a professional tree removal company can help make sure that you get the most out of your homeowner’s insurance policy. Businesses that specialize in emergency tree services will often be willing to work directly with your insurance provider to streamline the claim approval procedure and quicken the reimbursement process. You can minimize the destruction and hassle caused by damaged trees by getting professional assistance for your tree removal needs.

  • Documenting Tree Damage for Your Insurance Claim

    Tree Insurance Claim

    It’s important to understand how your homeowner’s insurance can benefit you in the case of a fallen tree or branch. Under the right circumstances, your insurance company may pay for tree removal in Atlanta. Knowing your responsibilities in this type of situation is essential for getting the most benefit from your policy and having your insurance company cover the cost of treeremoval or emergency tree service .

    To limit the amount of disruption in your daily life, there are a few steps you should take immediately after a tree emergency. If a tree falls on your home, you should first make sure that everyone is safe and unharmed. Next, call your power company to have the power lines inspected for damage. To ensure that you benefit from insurance tree removal, take pictures of the area, hold on to any receipts associated with the incident, and call your insurance company. Finally, speak with your tree removal company to find out how they can help with the claim approval and reimbursement process.

  • Reducing the Risk of Tree Damage from Summer Storms

    Home surrounding trees

    If you want to avoid the need for tree removal in Decatur this season, there are several steps that you can take to help reduce your risk of tree damage. Warm weather often brings wind and rain, but proper tree care can help you avoid fallen and broken trees despite summer storms.


    Winds of the same strength can cause damage to one of your trees, but may leave others around it unharmed. This is because the wind affects each tree uniquely. Trees that have dense foliage and many branches are going to obstruct more wind and are more likely to suffer breakage than trees with fewer leaves and branches. Proper tree pruning reduces the risk of your trees suffering damage from summer storms. Tree service professionals can prune your trees in a way that reduces the amount of drag they create, helping to protect them from damage. If you’re planning to plant more trees, consider planting them in groupings so they can buffer one another against windy weather.


    If your area receives severe storms each year, the root systems of your trees may be compromised. High winds can weaken the root systems of trees, even if they are healthy and established. To provide your trees with an extra layer of protection during storm season, surround their bases with mulch. Mulching will help keep your trees rooted firmly in the ground by providing protection from the wind.


    If you have young or unstable trees, they may benefit from staking. A staking system helps secure trees into the ground while their root systems are still developing or if they have been damaged. For established trees that have structural issues, cables, braces, and props can be used to support the weight of vulnerable branches and trunks. These systems should only be used if there is a good chance they will adequately support a tree despite stormy weather. Trees that are highly unstable can pose a safety hazard for your home and family and may need to be removed.