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  • Common Trees You’ll Find in Atlanta

    If you’re like many gardening enthusiasts, you keep up with regular tree pruning, tree trimming , and other forms of tree care to keep your landscaping in great shape. For horticulture enthusiasts who are interested in tree care near Atlanta or Decatur, knowing more about the local species can be beneficial. Continue reading to learn about some of the tree species that you’re likely to see in this area:

    Tree Species in Atlanta, GA

    • Yellow Buckeye: This tree can grow to over 100 feet in height and has palmately compound leaves that are broad and flat. The fruit that grows on this tree is inedible for humans but is well-liked by squirrels.
    • Downy Serviceberry: This is a deciduous tree that enjoys partial to full sun and has oval or oblong leaves. This tree’s fruit is a favorite for many types of wildlife.
    • Pawpaw: Reaching no higher than 25 feet, the pawpaw has feather-veined leaves in wedge-shaped leaflets. Some pawpaws produce a fruit that tastes like a mixture of mango, melon, and banana.
    • Eastern Redbud: Bearing simple leaves that are thin and papery, the Eastern Redbud is a showy specimen that boasts bright, violet colored blossoms in early spring.

  • Why You Should Get Rid of Tree Stumps

    Are you thinking about hiring tree services for stump removal in Atlanta? If so, then read on to learn a few of the reasons why it makes sense to have your tree stumps removed.

    Tree Stump Removal in Atlanta, GA


    Among the most obvious reasons to get rid of tree stumps is that they create eyesores on your property. Stumps stick out like blemishes within manicured lawns and well-designed landscaping, so it makes sense to have them removed, even for purely aesthetic purposes.


    When a tree is cut down, the remaining roots can send up new shoots around the base. While a few saplings popping up around your tree stump may seem innocuous, this new growth can be a drain on your property. If the tree is still alive in any way and producing new shoots, this means that it is absorbing water and nutrients from the soil that would otherwise go to the rest of the plants in your landscaping. Tree stump removal is the smart choice for preventing any new growth at the stump from draining resources from your soil.


    On the other hand, if your tree stump is dead, this is not a good thing, either. Decaying wood is an attractive resource to many insects. If you have a dead tree stump on your property, then there is a good chance that it will attract unwanted visitors, such as termites, beetles, and ants.


    While you may be acutely aware of the ugly stump in your yard, others may not be aware of it. When you have children, seniors, or visitors on your property, a tree stump can present a trip hazard. To help keep your property safer, calling a tree service about removing any stumps is the smart choice.


    Are you thinking about modifying your property’s landscaping? If so, then removing any tree stumps is an important step. Stumps can make it difficult to add new plants or install features like patios, paths, and seating areas. Getting rid of your tree stumps can provide you with a clearer space in which to design your new landscaping project.

  • What You Should Know About Tree Removal and Insurance

    Are you in need of tree removal services in Atlanta? If so, then understanding if tree removal and damages are covered by your homeowners insurance is important. Before you have a tree removal company take care of your fallen or damaged trees, it’s important to be aware of the tree insurance benefits that are available to you. Most homeowners insurance policies will cover tree removal or damages from fallen branches on your property.

    Tree Insurance Removal in Atlanta, GA

    Tree insurance covers damages to your property caused by trees, and the origin of a branch or tree doesn’t matter. This means that if your neighbor’s tree falls on your roof, then it’s your responsibility to contact your insurance company about its removal and the damages. While your insurance is likely to cover damages caused by a tree, it may not handle its removal if the tree was diseased or dead.

    Being aware of your tree insurance is important for understanding your responsibilities in these situations and getting the most from your policy. To help streamline the process and minimize the costs of having a tree removed, work with a tree service that is accustomed to working with insurance companies.

  • The Importance of Storm Cleanup

    Has your town recently been through a major storm? If so, then watch this video to learn why calling a 24-hour tree service near Decatur can be essential after bad weather.

    While it’s common for people to worry about being injured during a storm, an alarming number of accidents happen after the threat has passed. High winds and stormy weather can cause damage to many of the structures on your property, including the trees.

    While a broken branch may seem like a minor issue after a severe storm has wrecked the area, it can present a serious danger to nearby people and property. This is just one of the reasons why it’s important to call a tree service for tree trimming or emergency tree removal following a storm.