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  • Caring for Trident Maples in Atlanta

    Trident maples are common in Atlanta and boast beautiful foliage most of the year. If you’re wondering if you need tree service serving Atlanta and Decatur for your trident maple, then continue reading to learn about caring for this popular tree variety.

    Trident Maples Tree Service in Atlanta, GA

    Tree Overview

    The trident maple is a deciduous tree with a dense, rounded crown of glossy, dark green leaves that turn bright shades of yellow, orange, and red in the fall. Also, the tree produces small yellow to green fruit that persists through the winter months. In early spring, you’ll see yellow flowers.

    Tree Care

    Caring for trident maples does not require a lot of work. They are low-maintenance trees, but doing what you can to keep them healthy can make them less vulnerable to pests and diseases. Use mulch to keep moisture near the roots and prevent weed growth. Also, fertilize during the growth season.

    Disease Control

    Although these trees are easy to care for, they are susceptible to some diseases such as leaf spot, wilts, powdery mildew, and anthracnose. These can often be prevented with good soil conditions and plenty of air circulation. To help protect your trident maple against disease, plant the tree in porous, slightly acidic soil that is free of infected seeds or debris.

    Tree Planting

    The trident maple grows well in urban areas, even in locations where the soil is compacted and of poor quality. Also, these trees do great when transplanted, as their branching system of fibrous roots help prevent messy leaf fall. Trident maples do well as street trees and, although they are often classified as small trees, they can sometimes grow to more than 50 feet tall.

    Tree Pruning

    When it comes to tree trimming for your trident maple, keep in mind that it’s important to promote a strong structure to support the tree’s health. Remember to make clean cuts and do not tear the bark while you work, and use a pruning saw for thicker limbs. Also, pruning dead, broken, or diseased limbs should be done as soon as you spot them.

  • Why You Should Only Work with a Certified Arborist

    In the tree service industry, an ISA certification is an important label that distinguishes practiced tree care professionals. If you’re in need of tree removal or tree service in Decatur or Atlanta, then there are several reasons why you should only work with an ISA Certified Arborist .

    ISA Certified Arborist

    ISA Certified Arborists have experience.

    Trees are highly valued landscaping elements that can take decades to reach maturity. When cared for properly, your trees can continue to provide beauty for your yard and energy-efficiency to your home, while at the same time preventing erosion on your land. However, when cared for improperly, trees can become ill or die and become a hazard that needs to be removed. Because of this, it’s important to work with a tree care specialist that has experience. ISA Certified Arborists must work in the industry full-time for 3 years before they can be eligible for this certification.

    ISA Certified Arborists have knowledge.

    When there is something wrong with one of your trees, it’s important to take care of the problem right away. In the case of a tree disease, ignoring the issue or letting someone who is not ISA certified treat it can allow the disease to progress and even kill the tree. In the case of trimming and pruning, doing this improperly can make the tree more vulnerable to disease, leave it poorly shaped, or prevent it from growing properly. In addition to having to work full-time for the 3 years in the tree care industry, ISA Certified Arborists must also pass an examination. This certification tells you that a tree care professional is better equipped to treat your tree successfully.

    ISA Certified Arborists have specialties.

    In the tree service industry, there are several subcategories of tree care. If you’re in need of tree services, you can benefit from calling someone who is ISA certified because these professionals have passed an examination that focuses on a specific aspect of tree care. Some examples of the credentials than an ISA arborist can attain include Arborist Municipal Specialist, Tree Worker Climber Specialist, and Board Certified Master Arborist.

  • What Are the Benefits of Trees?

    Trees can be majestic and aesthetically pleasing, but they have more to offer than just their looks. If you’re thinking about hiring a tree service or an ISA Certified Arborist in Atlanta or Decatur about tree removal for an unhealthy tree on your property, then you can benefit from knowing more about what trees can offer. Watch this video to learn about the advantages of trees.

    Trees can help combat climate change, clean the air, create oxygen, keep streets and cities cooler, conserve energy, and prevent soil erosion. When you stop to consider the many benefits of planting trees, then it makes sense to call a tree company about tree care and treatments, rather than tree removal.

  • Atlanta Tree Spotlight: Willow Oak

    Tree service specialists and ISA arborists in Atlanta and Decatur are frequently asked about tree trimming and tree care . Willow Oak Tree Service in Atlanta, GA If you have an interest in growing and caring for trees, then you could benefit from knowing more about the local species. Continue reading to learn about one type of tree that you can find in this area, called the willow oak.

    The willow oak goes by several other names, including pin oak, swamp chestnut oak, and peach oak. Willow oak is mostly found in New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania down through Georgia and northern Florida. It is also seen in other nearby states. This tree prefers humid and temperate areas that have short winters and long summers.

    The willow oak is a medium-sized tree that typically grows between 60 to 90 feet tall. This tree’s leaves are shaped like willow leaves and are bright green on top and a downy green on the underside. The willow oak is deciduous and a member of the red oak family.

  • The Risks of Not Removing Tree Stumps

    Tree stumps can be eyesores that take up space in your landscaping, but there are also several risks associated with leaving stumps in your yard. If you’re thinking about contacting a tree service about stump removal in Decatur or Atlanta, then continue reading to learn about the reasons why you should.

    Tree Stump Removal Service by Brackenbox in Atlanta, GA

    Stumps Attract Pests

    Once a tree stump dies, the wood that it’s made of begins to rot. When this occurs, the stump can attract pests like beetles, ants, and termites to your property where they may set up home in the stump. While it may not trouble you to have these pests in your yard, they may eventually migrate to your home and cause damage to its structure. To help protect your home and property from wood boring pests, consider taking advantage of tree stump removal services.

    Stumps Are Hazards

    If you’ve had a tree stump in your yard for a while, then you may be accustomed to its presence and avoid it with ease. However, the stumps left behind by trees, especially those that are cut low to the ground, present a trip hazard. Guests who are unfamiliar with your yard may not see the stump and end up falling and injuring themselves. In particular, tree stumps can pose a hazard to young children and seniors. For these reasons, contacting a tree service about stump removal is a smart decision, especially if you’ll be hosting any visitors this season.

    Stumps Can Grow

    It’s common for people to assume that tree stumps die shortly after the tree is cut. While this can happen, it’s common for trees to sprout new growth around them. While you may not view a few young trees as a problem, it’s important to realize that these plants can drain a significant amount of your soil’s resources. An active tree stump can absorb moisture and nutrients that would otherwise be used by your lawn, plants, or other trees. For this reason, removing tree stumps can help keep your landscaping healthy.