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  • How to Tell When Trees Are Diseased or Dying [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Trees serve a variety of functions, from making your property look full and lush to providing shade and giving off oxygen for cleaner air. Because trees are so important, it’s a good idea to make sure that you are caring for yours in the proper way. Regular tree pruning in Atlanta will encourage healthy tree growth, and the attention of an arborist will help you know whether your trees are robust. Trees that are diseased or dying can be an eyesore, contagious, and even hazardous. Dead branches appear dry and brittle, and will break easily, which means they could fall and injure someone below. Diseased trees may show discolored leaves or fungal growth which can spread to surrounding trees. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about spotting the signs of a diseased or dying tree. Please share with your friends and neighbors.


    How to Tell When Trees are Diseased or Dying Infographic

  • The Importance of Tree Care [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Trees have many benefits, ranging from environmental to aesthetic ones. Without trees, not only would your property look bare, but you’d have reduced privacy, little shade, and less protection from the elements. In order to make sure your trees are healthy, you should have them cared for by a certified arborist near Atlanta . Regular tree maintenance encourages healthy tree growth and can increase the production of flowers and fruits. Tree care also increases safety on your property, as large, dead, or cracked branches will be removed and you won’t run the risk of them falling on people, cars, or structures. Check out this infographic to learn more about why tree care is important for aesthetics, safety, and more. You’ll also find out when the best times are to have your trees pruned. Please share with your friends and neighbors!

    The Importance of Tree Care Infographic

  • Trimming vs. Removing a Tree [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Trees are functional and aesthetically pleasing, providing shade for your home and yard as well as beautifying your neighborhood. Air and water stay cleaner with trees, and they can help keep soil in place to prevent erosion. However, it’s important to have your trees professionally trimmed so that they remain healthy and safe. Tree trimming and pruning in Atlanta encourage healthy growth, and remove dead branches that could be hazardous. There are certain times when tree removal is necessary, such as when more than half of the tree is damaged or when there are signs of internal rot. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about caring for trees and when you should have them trimmed or removed. Please share with your friends and neighbors.

    Trimming vs Removing Tree