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  • Steps to Take After Your Trees Suffer Storm Damage

    High winds and heavy rain can cause broken branches and soil erosion, so it’s no surprise that many homeowners need the help of an emergency tree service at some point during storm season. If your property has suffered storm damage and requires tree service serving Decatur or Atlanta, then consider the following steps:

    Tree Treatment After Storm Damage in Atlanta, GA

    Assess the Damage

    Safety is a significant concern when it comes to managing tree damage after a storm. While you may feel the need to begin the cleanup process right away, it’s important that you first assess the condition of your trees and structures. If you find that a vehicle or structure on your property has been damaged by trees, then contact a tree service that can also offer insurance assistance. If you notice downed power lines or trees that are hanging on or leaning against power lines, then contact the power company.

    Work with Caution

    After assessing the damage to and safety of your property, you can begin the cleanup process. The Georgia Forestry Commission advises homeowners to clean up only minor debris caused by damaged trees. Leaning, falling, and severely damaged trees are a significant safety hazard and should be handled by tree service professionals. As you work, take caution and wear protective equipment because damaged trees and branches can be under extreme tension and may snap and present a safety risk when handled. Finally, keep in mind that more people tend to be injured when operating a chainsaw after a storm than during the storm itself. Do not operate a chainsaw if you are alone, inexperienced with this type of equipment, or without the proper personal safety equipment.

    Call a Professional

    Working with an emergency tree service that employs certified arborists is an excellent way to manage damage to your trees following a storm. An arborist can provide you with advice for tree trimming and treatments that can help ensure the recovery of your trees and prevent diseases from taking hold while they are healing.

  • The Risks of Ignoring Damaged Trees

    why you shouldn’t ignore damaged trees With busy schedules and families to care for, many homeowners forget to maintain a regular schedule for tree care near Atlanta. When you don’t take the time to periodically look over your trees for signs of disease or broken limbs, this can put you, your family, and your property at risk for damage. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t ignore damaged trees:

    Injury to People

    The most important factor to be aware of when it comes to tree care is that rotten roots, soil erosion, broken limbs, and disease can all create a situation that leaves people vulnerable to injury. When a tree is damaged, sick, or unstable, it or its branches are at risk of falling and injuring anyone that is nearby. When a tree or a branch falls, it often happens quickly and unpredictably, making damaged trees particularly hazardous. Because of this, it’s essential to keep an eye on your trees and to call a tree service if you spot any damage or signs of disease.

    Damage to Property

    For the same reasons that ignoring damaged trees can result in injury, this type of hazard can also cause problems for your home and property. When a large limb or a tree falls onto a roof or car, the damage is often significant and costly and, although insurance can provide coverage for losses caused by trees, it’s not likely to cover any damages if you knew that a tree was unstable, but failed to do anything about it.

    Damage to Other Trees

    When a tree on your property has dead limbs, is in danger of falling, or is diseased, this can result in additional problems that affect the other trees on your property. When a branch or a tree falls, it can cause severe damage to other trees growing around it. Also, a disease or insect infestation that affects one tree can spread to others nearby when ignored. Remember to check your trees now and then, and to call a tree service company if you spot anything wrong.

  • Documenting Tree Damage for Your Insurance Claim

    Tree Insurance Claim

    It’s important to understand how your homeowner’s insurance can benefit you in the case of a fallen tree or branch. Under the right circumstances, your insurance company may pay for tree removal in Atlanta. Knowing your responsibilities in this type of situation is essential for getting the most benefit from your policy and having your insurance company cover the cost of treeremoval or emergency tree service .

    To limit the amount of disruption in your daily life, there are a few steps you should take immediately after a tree emergency. If a tree falls on your home, you should first make sure that everyone is safe and unharmed. Next, call your power company to have the power lines inspected for damage. To ensure that you benefit from insurance tree removal, take pictures of the area, hold on to any receipts associated with the incident, and call your insurance company. Finally, speak with your tree removal company to find out how they can help with the claim approval and reimbursement process.

  • Reducing the Risk of Tree Damage from Summer Storms

    Home surrounding trees

    If you want to avoid the need for tree removal in Decatur this season, there are several steps that you can take to help reduce your risk of tree damage. Warm weather often brings wind and rain, but proper tree care can help you avoid fallen and broken trees despite summer storms.


    Winds of the same strength can cause damage to one of your trees, but may leave others around it unharmed. This is because the wind affects each tree uniquely. Trees that have dense foliage and many branches are going to obstruct more wind and are more likely to suffer breakage than trees with fewer leaves and branches. Proper tree pruning reduces the risk of your trees suffering damage from summer storms. Tree service professionals can prune your trees in a way that reduces the amount of drag they create, helping to protect them from damage. If you’re planning to plant more trees, consider planting them in groupings so they can buffer one another against windy weather.


    If your area receives severe storms each year, the root systems of your trees may be compromised. High winds can weaken the root systems of trees, even if they are healthy and established. To provide your trees with an extra layer of protection during storm season, surround their bases with mulch. Mulching will help keep your trees rooted firmly in the ground by providing protection from the wind.


    If you have young or unstable trees, they may benefit from staking. A staking system helps secure trees into the ground while their root systems are still developing or if they have been damaged. For established trees that have structural issues, cables, braces, and props can be used to support the weight of vulnerable branches and trunks. These systems should only be used if there is a good chance they will adequately support a tree despite stormy weather. Trees that are highly unstable can pose a safety hazard for your home and family and may need to be removed.

  • Spotlight on Emergency Storm Service

    AKA Tree Removal help you recover from a storm After a bad storm, you may notice fallen trees, large branches, and hanging limbs on your property. Rather than trying to deal with them yourself, it is very important for you to seek tree removal service right away from a trusted company to prevent any further problems. AKA Tree Removal provides emergency tree care serving Atlanta and can help you assess the situation in your yard and clean everything up.

    Whenever you sustain any damage to trees in your yard during a storm, you should seek emergency tree removal assistance immediately. Even if the damage seems small, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to trees. Hanging limbs can be especially problematic, because they can come down later and cause property damage well after a storm has passed. We offer 24-hour emergency tree removal service for homeowners and can see to it that your yard is inspected and cleared promptly. Let AKA Tree Removal help you recover from a storm, and the job will get done correctly.

  • What to Do If Your Trees Sustain Storm Damage

    professional tree services atlanta Trees serve a number of important purposes; they provide our air with oxygen, they offer protection, security, and privacy on our property, and they help to enhance the visual appeal of our homes. They may be susceptible to storm damage, however, in which case professional tree services in Atlanta may be called for. Here is a brief overview of what you should do if your trees sustain storm damage.

    Evaluate the Damage

    Between strong winds, heavy rain, and intense lightning, storms can do a substantial amount of damage to even the largest and strongest trees on your property. For this reason, the first thing you should do after a bad storm is to survey the damage it has caused. Identifying the extent of the damage can help you determine how likely it is that the tree can recover as well as how much of a threat the tree may pose to individuals who interact with it. Visually inspect your trees to find out if the trunk is still in one piece, and check to see if the major limbs appear to be broken or fractured. The smaller branches are likely to be more affected by the storm, but if half or more of these branches remain together, the tree has a decent chance at recovery.

    Protect Yourself

    Even after the storm has passed, damaged trees can still be dangerous. Trees that have been damaged by intense storms may have heavy limbs and branches that are broken and in the slow process of snapping off of the tree and falling to the ground. Additionally, the storm may have caused your tree to contact electrical wires, which can serious injuries or death. Take precautions when surveying the damage and do not interact with a damaged tree without professional supervision.

    Call a Professional

    Removing large, broken branches from damaged trees is not a job for just anyone. Call a tree removal service to help you with the clean up process after a storm. Not only will this ensure that all parties are protected, it will also ensure that the job is done the right way.