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  • The Importance of Regular Tree Trimming and Pruning

    Trees grow and evolve as seasons pass, making ongoing care an important part of property maintenance. Continue reading to learn about why consistent tree trimming and tree pruning near Atlanta are important.

    Tree Trimming and Prunning Service in Atlanta, GA

    Promoting New Growth

    Over time, some of the branches on a tree can die, become diseased, or break. To prevent these parts from falling, infecting other areas of the tree, or stifling the plant’s growth, tree care experts recommend regular tree pruning and trimming. By clearing away these problem areas, you can help eliminate potential hazards and simultaneously stimulate new, healthy growth for the tree.

    Supporting Overall Health

    When left without any maintenance, it’s possible for trees to grow more densely than is healthy for them. When a tree’s canopy is too thick with leaves and branches, this can affect the plant’s health by preventing enough sunlight from reaching where it should. Also, too much growth in a tree’s canopy can stifle air circulation and create an environment that promotes tree diseases. For these reasons, arborists recommend that property owners have their trees pruned regularly.

    Protecting People’s Safety

    Having trees on your property can boost its value, add beauty, and provide shade. However, it’s critical to maintain your trees to help ensure people’s safety when on your land. Broken and diseased branches that are not removed may fall and seriously injure someone, and crossed or split branches can present the same problem while also stressing the tree. To help keep your trees healthy and people safe, remember to schedule regular tree pruning.

    Saving Your Trees

    High winds and stormy weather can take a toll on trees and lead to split and broken branches. When left alone, damaged trees can be a hazard for people and your property. Additionally, this type of damage can make the tree more vulnerable to disease and may even lead to the plant’s death. To help ensure that your trees survive any damage that they incur, you should schedule regular tree trimming and care to address damaged areas.

  • What is Your Tree Telling You?

    Trees can add beauty to your property, as well as increase its value. Luckily, there are some traits your tree may exhibit that indicate you should look into tree care near Atlanta. By dealing with tree issues early, you can potentially avert damage to your property and the loss of a tree.

    Tree pruning should be thought of a necessary practice to keep your tree healthy and attractive. If your tree has deadwood, crossing branches, branches that seem densely packed, or has developed an irregular shape, then it can probably benefit from pruning. Additionally, trees that are leaning or broken may require tree removal to ensure your family’s safety.

    If you notice that one of your trees seems less healthy than it one was, then it may be suffering from a tree disease. Some common warning signs include dying branches, areas of missing bark, discolored leaves, and leaf loss. If you have an ISA certified arborist examine your tree, he may be able to determine what’s plaguing it and tell you what you can do to help it recover.

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  • Reducing the Risk of Tree Damage from Summer Storms

    Home surrounding trees

    If you want to avoid the need for tree removal in Decatur this season, there are several steps that you can take to help reduce your risk of tree damage. Warm weather often brings wind and rain, but proper tree care can help you avoid fallen and broken trees despite summer storms.


    Winds of the same strength can cause damage to one of your trees, but may leave others around it unharmed. This is because the wind affects each tree uniquely. Trees that have dense foliage and many branches are going to obstruct more wind and are more likely to suffer breakage than trees with fewer leaves and branches. Proper tree pruning reduces the risk of your trees suffering damage from summer storms. Tree service professionals can prune your trees in a way that reduces the amount of drag they create, helping to protect them from damage. If you’re planning to plant more trees, consider planting them in groupings so they can buffer one another against windy weather.


    If your area receives severe storms each year, the root systems of your trees may be compromised. High winds can weaken the root systems of trees, even if they are healthy and established. To provide your trees with an extra layer of protection during storm season, surround their bases with mulch. Mulching will help keep your trees rooted firmly in the ground by providing protection from the wind.


    If you have young or unstable trees, they may benefit from staking. A staking system helps secure trees into the ground while their root systems are still developing or if they have been damaged. For established trees that have structural issues, cables, braces, and props can be used to support the weight of vulnerable branches and trunks. These systems should only be used if there is a good chance they will adequately support a tree despite stormy weather. Trees that are highly unstable can pose a safety hazard for your home and family and may need to be removed.

  • See AKA Tree Removal in Action Trimming a Tree Top

    Do you have trees on your property? Many homeowners may not pay attention to their trees, other than to appreciate the beauty and shade that they provide. It is important to remember, however, that tree pruning in Atlanta can help your trees live longer, remain healthier, and be safer for you, your family, and your neighbors. Watch this short video to see how AKA Tree Removal takes care of your trees safely and effectively.

    Tree trimming is a job that’s best left to a professional arborist. By using specialized equipment and safety gear, an arborist can trim back the top of your trees to encourage healthy growth and minimize the chances of branches falling accidentally. A tree pruning expert will come to your property and use a chainsaw to swiftly cut down branches that are overgrown, unhealthy, or dangerous. Only a certified arborist should attempt this task, as it requires experience to do the job and remain safe.

  • Reasons to Schedule Tree Trimming This Spring

    give your tree a good start for the season Spring is an ideal time for tree pruning near Atlanta. Well-maintained plants are healthy, attractive, safer, and can produce more flowers or fruit than those left untouched year after year. To give your tree a good start for the season, tree trimming in the spring can help your trees grow well as they end their winter dormancy.


    Regular tree pruning is an essential step in successful tree care. Low branches should be removed to clear the way for traffic or to improve the range of view for drivers, and split or broken branches need to be cut to prevent them from falling on homes, cars, or people. For trees that grow along walkways, low-growing branches should be trimmed to protect passersby. Storms are common in the spring, so it’s vital to deal with trees and branches that present a safety hazard before heavy winds and rains send them flying or falling.

    Tree Health

    Tree trimming gives you a chance to cut away any branches that are dead, pest-ridden, or diseased, promoting the health of the tree and those growing around it. Removing dead or dying branches will also support new growth and enhance the look of the tree. Pruning branches can also promote new growth and encourage more flowers or fruit. A tree that receives even mild damage may appear unsightly or begin to decline, but proper pruning can save the tree from dying and needing to be removed. Appropriate tree care is a necessary part of property maintenance to prevent disease or damage from affecting the long-term health of your tree.

    Tree Growth

    Seasonal pruning allows you to remove branches and growth that you find undesirable on your tree, such as hanging or crisscrossed branches. You can have your tree shaped in a particular way to match those around it, and also influence the way that it will grow because with each cut, you can encourage a tree to stop growing in one direction and start growing in another. For trees susceptible to illness, thinning out a thick canopy can reduce the risk for fungal and bacterial disease growth.

  • How to Hire a Tree Trimmer

    tree trimmer atlanta Properties with trees that grow near roofs and powerlines can benefit from regular tree trimming near Atlanta . Heavy branches over your house can cause extensive damage, promote mold growth, and give rodents easy access to your roof, and trees damaged by storms can be unsightly and dangerous.

    When hiring a professional tree cutting service, first find out if they are licensed and insured. Next, ask the tree service if they can provide referrals so you can be sure that they are experienced in the tasks that need completing and that they provide quality work.

    Before settling on a tree trimming company, look into what the company typically charges customers and then ask for an estimate. Lastly, find out what type of equipment the tree trimming company plans to use. For instance, some companies use spikes to climb trees that can cause damage and leave ugly marks in the bark. Unless you plan to have the tree removed, find a company that does not use spikes.

  • Spotlight on Tree Care

    tree pruning and trimming Professional tree care near Atlanta is an essential service to keep your trees in proper health and beauty. Services like tree pruning and trimming help the tree to flourish by cutting away dead and dying branches. Also, professional tree care can help your other plants and landscape located near or under the trees.

    When your tree company comes out to perform regular tree pruning and trimming services on your tree, they are maintaining its health, vitality, and the health of the surrounding landscape. By conducting regular tree services, these professionals can strip away dead branches and leaves, thus allowing more light and rain to the ground below. If a tree becomes ill, or it is in danger of falling or dying, certified arborists can identify this illness before it spreads to the plants and trees nearby. Also, these professionals can do any tree removal you might need in the future, in case a tree falls too ill to save.

  • Top Reasons to Work With a Certified Arborist

    work with a certified tree arborist A professional tree service can recommend a certified arborist near Atlanta to help you maintain your trees. This essential part of tree service can go a long way toward beautifying your yard, protecting your tree investment, and keeping your property safe from fallen trees. Here are some of the many reasons you should work with a certified tree arborist .

    Plant the Right Way

    Plants and trees are organisms that can be just as fickle as humans. They need to be in the right soil, in the right place of the yard, with the right water to grow to their full potential. On top of these requirements, certain trees need to be planted a specific number of feet in the ground, or they need a set amount of space between them and other plants. There are multiple characteristics for all of the tree species in the world. A certified arborist has completed years of study on various species of trees. He can help you plant your trees in the way they will flourish best.

    Work with the Doctors of the Tree World

    Trees develop sicknesses, the same as other plants, animals, and humans. A certified arborist can diagnose the sickness, and hopefully, he can cure the tree. Depending on the sickness, an arborist can give you the symptoms to watch for in your other trees. The illness may be contagious to the surrounding trees, and the arborist can identify what might be causing it so you can get rid of it.

    Save Money in the End

    Some homeowners may not see the need to pay for a tree arborist, but you should protect your investment in every way possible. Purchasing a tree, and then caring for it, is an expensive task. If your tree contracts an illness, or is not cared for properly, you will lose your money. An arborist can save you money in the end by helping you keep your investment alive for decades to come.