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Tips for Apple Trees

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Growing and maintaining apple trees can be challenging and so much can go wrong – they can get diseases or pests, or even die off. This is why it’s ideal to have some general knowledge from professional arborists to keep your apple trees alive. Tree experts like us have seen every tree issue, so equip yourself with these tips along with a bit of apple tree history.

How Do You Prune an Apple Tree?

Overall, you prune an apple tree by identifying which branches need removing (weak, broken, or diseased branches), and then cutting them off using the right tools. Pruning a tree comes with several advantages, especially when it comes to fruit-bearing trees such as apple trees. Since apple trees only produce fruit for a certain amount of years, pruning can help you to make the most of this timeframe and enjoy a plentiful harvest each year. 

When it comes to pruning apple trees, it is important to remember never to prune more than one-third of the tree at a time. Over-pruning may lead to your tree dying or never bearing fruit again. Cut down the smaller, peripheral branches so that the tree is not too bushy and takes on a circular shape rather than a haphazard network of twigs and branches. Then continue pruning a third of the tree each year.

If you are not an arborist yourself, watch this video to learn a little bit about the pruning process for apple trees.

Tips for Growing Apple Trees

When you plant a new tree in your yard, you will enjoy a beautiful mature tree that fruits every fall. To make sure that your apple tree remains in healthy condition, you will want to: 

  1. Plant your apple trees during the winter so they will not dry out. 
  2. Install a tree guard when planting your apple tree.
  3. Water your apple trees during the hot summer months. 
  4. Focus on watering the root zone.
  5. For the first few years of their life cycles, stake your trees with wood or metal stakes.
  6. Remove grass and weeds within a three-foot radius of your apple trees.

For help growing your apple trees, you should contact a tree service. A tree arborist can help you with the tree cutting and tree pruning procedures that your apple tree will need on a seasonal basis. 

Learn more about what goes into a tree care consultation with an arborist here.

A Quick History of the Apple Tree

While this isn’t a tip, it’s fun to know the history of the apple tree. Apple trees are among the most popular fruiting trees for property owners around the U.S. If you have an apple tree in your yard, you may want to learn more about the history of this species. 

The origins of the apple tree are linked to early human history. Apple trees can be traced back to 8,000 B.C. when apple seeds were planted along the Nile River. Since this time, apple trees have been transported and cultivated by many different cultures.

For a closer look at the history of the apple tree, be sure to check out this video from eHow.

Apple Tree Care Throughout the Entire Lifecycle

Nurturing apple trees is fulfilling and essential – from pruning to pest and disease management. But contacting professionals is crucial for tree care since DIY pruning is not for everyone. 

Bring in the experts for professional tree examination when preparing to grow your apple trees. We offer tailored service and advice when evaluating your trees and spotting any possible concerns. Our knowledgeable and skilled arborists ensure your trees are meticulously cared for when pruning. With professional tree removal and tree pruning, you can make sure that all of your apple trees are in safe and healthy condition. Your trees will be able to handle any season after arranging an inspection with us. Let’s start the path to a more beautiful and healthy outdoor space. Contact one of our expert arborists at AKA Tree Service to schedule a professional tree examination!

Tips for Apple Trees in Central GA

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