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Tree Removals for Pool Construction

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Installing a pool in your backyard is an exciting project, but it often requires more preparation than just selecting the perfect design. And while trees add beauty and shade, their proximity to pools can pose several challenges – which means you’ll need professional tree removal services. 

Our team at AKA Tree Service offers safe and efficient tree removal for pool construction, setting the stage for a successful installation.

Reasons to Remove Trees Around Pools

Removing trees around your future pool area is not just about clearing space, it’s about creating a safer and more sustainable environment for your new amenity. Here are several reasons why professional tree removal is crucial:

  1. Root System Interference: Tree roots can potentially interfere with your pool’s structural integrity. Tree roots stretch extensively, possibly affecting the structural integrity of your pool.
  2. Debris: Leaves, needles, twigs, and fruits can fall into the pool and create maintenance issues, leading to clogged filters and increased cleaning needs. 
  3. Too Much Shade for Solar Heaters: While shade is beneficial, too much can lower water temperature and hinder the effectiveness of solar heating systems. Excessive shade can cool pool water too much and reduce the efficiency of solar heaters.
  4. Safety Hazards (from Brances): Overhanging branches can pose risks during storms or windy conditions, especially if they hang directly over the pool. During Atlanta, GA’s stormy seasons, overhanging branches can become dangerous if situated directly above a pool.
  5. Chemical Imbalance: Some trees (like walnuts) release chemicals such as juglone that can be harmful to surrounding plant life and may affect the pool’s water chemistry. 

How Tree Removal Works Before Pool Construction

Removing trees before breaking ground ensures that the construction area is clear and safe, preventing potential hazards from tree roots and branches. Additionally, clearing trees can provide the necessary space for construction equipment and materials to be maneuvered and staged effectively.

Professional arborists, like the ones at AKA Tree Service, assess your property and determine the best approach to remove trees without damaging the existing landscape or infrastructure.

Here’s how a typical tree removal process unfolds when preparing for pool construction:

  1. Consultation and Planning: One of our professional arborists will assess the site to identify which trees need to be removed based on their location, health, and risk assessment. This step involves understanding the local regulations regarding tree removal and obtaining necessary permits.
  2. Preparing the Site: To ensure safety, the area around the tree will be cleared of any structures, debris, or significant obstacles. This preparation helps in minimizing damage to the surrounding landscape and property.
  3. Tree Felling: Using specialized equipment, the tree is carefully cut and controlled to fall in a predetermined direction. This method is particularly important in confined spaces where precision is crucial to avoid damage to the property.
  4. Limb Removal and Sectioning: Once the tree is down, limbs are systematically removed, and the trunk is cut into manageable sections. This step is essential for safely transporting the tree material off-site.
  5. Stump Removal: After the tree is removed, the stump is ground down below the soil level to make space for the pool area. Stump grinding is critical as it prevents trip hazards and removes potential growth of new shoots.
  6. Site Clean-up: The final step involves cleaning the site, removing all debris, and ensuring the area is ready for the next phase of pool construction. This includes smoothing the soil and preparing the base for the pool installation.

Which Trees Should Be Removed?

Choosing which trees to keep or remove involves assessing their type, health, age, and how close they are to the planned pool area. 

Trees in good health with non-invasive roots that are positioned safely away from the pool might stay. Conversely, trees that are diseased, damaged, or have aggressive root systems should be considered for removal.

Our experienced arborists can help determine the best course of action for each tree, ensuring your pool area is safe and functional.

Enjoy Your Pool with Professional Tree Removal

Selecting the right professionals for tree removal is crucial for Atlanta, GA homeowners. AKA Tree Service excels at preparing yards for pool installations and ensuring tree removals are handled safely, efficiently, and with minimal disruption to property. Our experts will guide you through the necessary tree removals for your new pool installation, guaranteeing a seamless and secure process. 

So are you ready to take the next step in transforming your backyard into the perfect oasis? Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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