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Tree Service Company and Professional Arborists in Dunwoody GA

Professional Arborists in Dunwoody GA

Dunwoody, with its excellent schools and strong community spirit, often deals with pine beetle infestations, which threaten the area's many pine trees, crucial for the community’s natural setting and quality of life. The health and care of your trees is what we’re most dedicated to at AKA Tree Service. Excellence and strict safety adherence go hand in hand at AKA Tree Service. Professional Arborists on our team handle every job in-house, ensuring that no part of our work is outsourced. Depend on AKA Tree Service to be available whenever you need expert tree care.

Sometimes, trees pose a safety hazard. We can remove your damaged, diseased, or misplaced tree promptly and safely, without disrupting the rest of your property.
Tree Removal
Expert pruning services are essential to the health of your trees. We will remove damaged branches to maintaining a gorgeous shape and keep your tree thriving.
Tree Pruning
Invasive plants, fungal diseases, poor soil quality… If your trees aren’t looking their best, we’ll figure out why and bring them back to full health.
Tree Healthcare
AKA Tree Service proudly offers 24-hour emergency tree services. Whether it's day or night, a weekend, or even a holiday - we're ready to step in and address the situation.

Keep Your Garden Flourishing Year-Round with Professional Arborists Services

Protect your trees from the silent threats of disease and pests with our specialized plant and tree healthcare plans. At AKA Tree Service, our team of ten ISA-certified Professional Arborists is trained to spot early signs of infestation and disease that often go unnoticed until it's too late. By choosing our service, you're not just caring for your trees, you're actively preventing the need for costly removals and ensuring the longevity of your landscape’s health and aesthetics.

Residential and Commercial Tree Removal by Professional Arborists

Do you need expert tree removal services you can rely on? Look no further than AKA Tree Service, serving Dunwoody and surrounding metro areas. Whether your tree is unhealthy, damaged, or simply doesn’t fit in with your landscape anymore, our experienced team is equipped to handle any job. Call us today to schedule your service or to get answers to any tree removal questions you might have from our Professional Arborists.

Professional tree care services by certified arborists in Central Georgia and Nashville TN

Tree Service Company in Dunwoody

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