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Trees are beautiful additions to our yards, but you might find yourself needing tree removal services to get rid of one. Maybe the leaves are causing a mess, or the entire tree is dying. Or, maybe the trunk fell over during an intense Athens, GA storm.

In any case, you shouldn’t try to take on this project yourself. Hiring a reliable tree service will not only get you the fast results you want but also keep everyone safe.

Ready to get started? Call our professional tree removal company today! Our team has years of experience under its belt and offers various services. By working efficiently, we take the stress off your shoulders and ensure your property looks its best.

Wondering how our tree removal company in Athens, GA can help? Here’s an overview of services that are popular among homes and businesses alike:

Several scenarios may lead you to hire a professional tree removal service like us. For instance, you might need to make room on your property for a new garage or building. Getting rid of a large trunk will certainly open up the space.

Clean Up Your Yard

Another reason customers hire us? Their trees shed lots of needles, leaves, or fruit. You’re too busy to spend hours raking your leaves, only for droppings to make all of your work for nothing.

These droppings don’t just make your yard messy — they can create tripping hazards on your driveway and sidewalk. And if one of your branches hangs over your fence, the debris can lead to passive aggressive neighbors.

Get Rid of Dead Plants

Yet another reason why you might require our removal service is because of dead plants. They are unsightly and lead to rot, which will invite pests to make themselves at home. Plus, their weak structure presents a serious hazard to your property and passersby.

Clear Out Diseased Plants

If the plant isn’t dead but has a disease, you may still want to consider our removal service. Diseases can lead to similar structural instability that dead plants have. Failing to remove a diseased plant also puts other plants in your yard at risk if the disease were to spread.

You could try to treat the disease, but once plants reach a certain point, there’s no hope. And when you consider the cost of treatment, it’s often cheaper to opt for our tree removing service. You can always give your yard a fresh start by planting a new one.

Following an Athens, GA storm, you may see broken branches or even a fallen tree. These hazards are serious and can’t wait until regular business hours.

That’s why we are proud to offer our 24/7 emergency tree removal service. You can count on us for efficient, reliable results so that you can protect your family and focus on dealing with other storm damage.

Not all customers have a fallen tree or need total removal services. In some cases, our tree pruning service is more than enough!

Need our pruning service to trim branches hanging over your neighbor’s property? Prune leaves that are causing a mess in your own yard? Shape your plant to improve your property’s aesthetic appeal?

Our pros are up for the job! Call us today to learn more about our tree trimming service.

If you require any of our services, there’s a good chance we can offer them to you! Our tree removal company has years of experience working with homeowners and businesses throughout Athens, GA.
Here’s a little more info on how we can help you:


When you own a residential property, you need access to a reliable tree trimming service. Our experts help you keep your home looking spiffy, comply with HOA regulations, etc. Most importantly, we ensure your family is safe by removing hazards.


Businesses need affordable tree service just as much as homeowners do. Our experts work hard to make your property presentable and safe for employees, customers, stakeholders, and everyone in between.

Many companies throughout Athens, GA offer tree service. So what makes us so special?

Here are a few reasons why homeowners and businesses make us their number one choice:

Unmatched Professionalism

Our arborists are passionate about what they do and bring unmatched professionalism to every job. We work thoroughly yet efficiently to respect your time. All the while, we also respect your property and the property of those around you.

Years of Experience

Our team brings years of combined experience to the table. Combined with qualifications like our ISA certifications, this experience allows us to take on any project you’re up against.

Customer Satisfaction

In addition to safety, customer satisfaction is our first priority. We strive to make you happy in everything we do, which is why we listen to your needs and budget to come up with the appropriate recommendations.

Free Estimates

Some homeowners and businesses hesitate to hire a tree removal company because of the cost. Luckily, we’re an affordable tree service!

To add transparency to this industry, we provide 100% free estimates that allow you to shop around for the best deal. Though, you’ll have a hard time finding high-quality services at such affordable prices anywhere else.

We Work With Your Insurance

Instead of leaving you to fend for yourself, we work with your insurance provider to get you the compensation you deserve!

Don’t put off scheduling removal service any longer. Work with the best by contacting our team today! We are eager to give you a free quote and get started on your project.


AKA Tree Service is proud to have an A+ BBB rating. Contact us today to experience the AKA difference for yourself.

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