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With nearly 20 years of experience, AKA Tree Service provides a range of care and removal services. You can count on our team to guide you in the right direction.

Tree removal is dangerous work that you should leave to professionals. One mistake can cause severe damage or injury. That’s why we are happy to evaluate the situation for you before you make an informed decision that is best for your family, property, and the environment.

We provide an affordable tree service powered by genuine customer service that will always work with your insurance. The condition of your landscape can significantly affect your property’s value and safety. We aim to protect and raise that value.

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Our tree trimming service and tree pruning service offer various care benefits. Our specialists can assist with:

  • Disease management
  • Pest management
  • Fertilization and soil care
  • Root collar excavation & soil decompaction
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Lightning protection
  • Pruning
  • Planting
  • Hazard risk assessment

Our professional tree removal service can safely and completely remove any problem tree without affecting the surrounding property. We offer prompt and professional services provided by our arborists, who are all ISA certified.

Any tree has the potential to become dangerous, but large branches leaning over your home can be brought down by strong winds, and large roots can ruin the foundation of your property.

We have the specialist equipment required to remove any hazards from your home or business.

Trimming and pruning are two maintenance tasks essential for keeping your yard healthy and looking its best. We offer a full range of tree trimming services and tree pruning services to prevent disease or damage that can affect your property’s appearance or safety.

You might consider taking up these tasks yourself, but it can be a significant undertaking. Our professional arborists can help.

There are many benefits to working with our professional arborists, including:

  • Their scientific knowledge
  • Seasonal expertise
  • Growth facilitation
  • Use of proper tools
  • Emergency care

After a storm, we recommend assessing the possible damage. Some of it may be easy to spot, while other forms of damage may be hard to detect until it’s too late.

All storm-damaged trees need attention quickly as broken limbs can unexpectedly shift, causing damage to property or injuring someone nearby.

Our emergency tree removal service is available 24/7 to remove:

  • Fallen trees
  • Large branches on the ground
  • Broken branches
  • Hanging limbs not reaching the ground

Crane services give us the ability to trim taller trees, experiencing the following issues:

  • Branches pushing too far
  • Dead branches and leaves
  • Low hanging branches interfering with the rest of the body
  • Cracked and broken branches

Our professional tree removal service will have your yard looking healthy again.

Different property layouts can make removal difficult, but our skilled professionals have the experience to carry out any removal without disturbing the rest of the property.
If you are a property manager or business owner in need of maintenance or removal, give us a call today about our affordable tree service in Kennesaw, GA.

Hazards on commercial properties multiply if there is equipment or industrial elements in addition to the landscape. Damage due to disease or decay is not only an eyesore to customers but a major liability.

Healthy landscaping is an asset to your property and makes your outdoor spaces more enjoyable. Our certified arborists can help identify any diseases to administer the proper treatment to restore health to your landscape.

AKA is more than just a tree removal company or trimming service in Kennesaw, GA. We care about the health and safety of you and every living part of your landscape.

All general contractors or site companies who have purchased land from or are hired by landowners must clear and grub the land before developing it.

Clearing is the removal and disposal of underbrush, vegetation, and trees. Grubbing removes roots and stumps that remain in the ground after a surface clearing.

Government and utility concerns regulate the processes of clearing and grubbing. Our team has experience navigating these codes and is familiar with all the laws and regulations associated with these tasks. Our equipment is efficient, so we can finish the task and leave with minimal debris.

If you decide to start the process yourself, you must check the local government regarding permits.

One of our services as a tree removal company is eco-friendly wood waste management. It may be difficult for the average person to evaluate how leftover wood can be used or haul it away to the necessary facilities without large machinery.

We can help with all your wood waste needs from stumps, branches, sawdust, scrap lumber, and other wood products.

A fallen tree often leaves a stump behind. You might need help deciding if you should leave it or grind it. That’s where AKA comes into the picture.

Stump grinding is when the stump is shredded into woodchips using a cutter drum to remove small pieces of the stump as it grinds.

Many homeowners believe the trunk and branches are the only potential source of problems. However, that’s not the case. The stump can become a tripping hazard or breeding ground for insects and pests.

Our equipment allows us to remove stumps without leaving a trace that a tree had ever been there.

Whether it’s our emergency tree removal service with a 24/7 emergency response, a guaranteed free estimate, strict adherence to ISA guidelines, or because we will always work with your insurance, we’re happy to have you call on us. We will make sure your property is safe and healthy.

We are a proud company that will happily evaluate your property and guide you in the right direction for maintaining your landscape.

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