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Many homeowners love the aesthetic value that trees bring to their properties. However, the unregulated growth of a sapling can lead to serious safety hazards down the line. And sometimes, homeowners get tired of the unwanted fruit, seeds, or leaves that their evergreens shed.

In any case, our team at AKA Tree Service is ready to assist. We perform professional tree removal services for property owners in Marietta, GA and the surrounding areas. Read on to learn more about how our professionals can help clean up your property.

Explore the specific ways our tree removal specialists can help make your property a safer, more enjoyable place to be:

Sometimes, homeowners don’t wish to remove their woody perennials from their property entirely. Instead, they may want to cut away some protruding or dying branches.

We can clean up your woody perennials via two types of service: tree trimming service or tree pruning service.

Many companies use these phrases interchangeably, but they have important distinctions. Tree trimming service is the general maintenance of your property’s woody perennials. This service improves their appearance and promotes healthy growth.

On the other hand, tree pruning service involves removing broken, dead, or infected parts of your perennials. This practice will let you curb unhealthy growth, target diseased elements, and eliminate safety hazards on your property in Marietta, GA.

All arborists from our tree removal company are expertly trained to remove perennials of all sizes. We can remove anything from small saplings to heavy and massive perennials. We’ll conquer projects that other companies are too hesitant or inexperienced to take on.

In most cases, a fallen tree or perennial isn’t something you plan for. A rainstorm with strong winds can blow through the area and cause an unstable evergreen to tumble.

Did a perennial fall on your property in the middle of the night? Maybe it went through a window or is now blocking your driveway. A fallen tree can be a real inconvenience and cause other issues within your home if you don’t remove it efficiently.

That’s why our team offers emergency tree removal service for homeowners in Marietta, GA. Give us a call, and we’ll visit your site within hours to remove the hazard.

There are many reasons that homeowners in Marietta, GA recruit our tree removal service. Our company can assist if you have conifers, evergreens, or other saplings that are:


A perennial on your property in Marietta, GA may be dead or dying due to a lack of water or general negligence. If you leave it alone, it may grow increasingly weaker, making it more likely to fall on your home or garden.

You can enlist our companies tree removal service to eliminate the risk from your property.


Some homeowners may be tempted to leave a fallen perennial on their property. They believe that:

  • It’ll be too much of a hassle to move.
  • It won’t do any harm in its current position.

However, these misconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth. A fallen perennial can harbor unruly pests and diseases that can spread to other areas of your yard.

Note: It’s also important to mention that living perennials can offer refuge to invasive species if you don’t care for them properly.

Whatever the case may be, you can hire our tree moving service to eradicate the issue.


You may not have a damaged or diseased tree, but that doesn’t mean all the woody perennials on your property in Marietta, GA are risk-free.

Some homeowners have trees that are thriving (and maybe a little too well). A perennial that’s experiencing strong growth can start to encroach on your property. Its branches may start poking windows and power lines, and its roots can interfere with plumbing pipes underground and your home’s foundation.

When a perennial starts to invade your living space, it’s best to remove it. Contact our team to discuss the best way to get rid of this nuisance on your property.

If you live in Marietta, GA or a surrounding city, you can benefit greatly from our tree removal services. Learn about what sets us apart from our competitors:

We Possess ISA Certification

Removing large conifers, evergreens, and perennials from a property isn’t light work. It requires years of training, and our team possesses just that.

All our arborists have ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certificates. We’ve completed the real-life fieldwork and examinations that qualify us to complete projects of all types. Plus, our team undergoes continuous training to ensure we stay on top of industry standards.

We Are Insurance Specialists

Our tree removal company works with your insurance company to ensure optimal coverage. We commit to helping homeowners in Marietta, GA restore their properties’ condition with the least out-of-pocket expenses possible.

We Provide Free Estimates

Even with insurance assistance, it’s never ideal to enlist services without an idea of what you’re going to owe. Our company always provides honest quotes upfront so that you never experience any surprises when the final invoice arrives.

Do you have a perennial that you need to remove from your property in Marietta, GA? Attempting the task yourself can be dangerous and difficult. Instead, enlist the services of AKA Tree Service! Contact us today to discuss your project’s scope and receive an estimate.


AKA Tree Service is proud to have an A+ BBB rating. Contact us today to experience the AKA difference for yourself.

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