Tree Removal Service in Powder Springs, GA

If your Powder Springs landscaping includes trees, you must consider if each one is an asset or a liability. Whether due to diseases, falling hazards, or unflattering stumps leftover, the greenery around your home may do more harm than good!

Keep your landscaping looking beautiful and safe by scheduling an appointment with AKA Tree Service.

AKA Tree Service is dedicated to building a team of experienced and certified technicians and arborists. We have been serving customers for years and providing the landscaping services they need to maintain their homes. From estimates to clean-up, we provide quick and efficient assistance.

Not only can we remove any small and large trees and stumps, but we also provide:

  • Tree Trimming Service
  • Tree Pruning Service
  • Emergency Appointments
  • Shrub Care
  • Disease Treatments

Whenever you need a professional’s help in your yard, we can provide the tools, expertise, and tree service you need. Any questions about our services? Speak with our specialists and request a free estimate!

Hiring a tree removal company is an important part of ensuring the project is done safely. While some companies may leave behind a mess to clean up or charge more than promised, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

Tree removal can be very dangerous if not handled by a professional. A falling trunk can be deadly — branches are often heavier than they look, and the proper tools required can be a danger in themselves. We take all the worry out of your hands and handle everything.

We don’t leave behind an eyesore of a stump, wood chips to be gathered, or branches everywhere. When we finish the job, you’ll find a beautiful yard with a cleared space that can be devoted to a new landscaping project.

Always Get a Free Estimate

For professional tree removal from other companies, you may pay to have someone come out to your house only to give you an exorbitant quote. At AKA, we provide easy, fast, and free estimates for all potential customers — no appointment required.

Simply go to our website and fill out our form for any requests, including any fallen tree, pruning, trimming, and removal.

24/7 Emergency Response

We like to imagine that we have everything under control on our properties, but the reality is that accidents happen. And you may need to schedule an emergency tree removal service.

Whether old branches fall or a storm causes a fallen tree, we are available to our customers 24/7. These emergencies can be serious, especially when power lines, property, and family members are involved or in danger. That’s why we’re here to help with an emergency tree removal service in Powder Springs, GA.

Expert Technicians and Arborists

Sometimes you don’t know what’s wrong with the greenery around your home. Some signs may seem apparent, don’t necessarily tell the whole story.

Some diseases can be treated, while others require full removal. Our experienced arborists have seen it all and are ready to share their insights. They may just save you from losing a salvageable piece of your landscaping!

Work with Your Insurance

In addition to expert arborists, we also pride ourselves on our insurance specialists. Depending on the situation, your insurance may cover the costs of professional tree removal. We will work with your insurance providers and help you file a claim.

Navigating the insurance process can be complicated. That’s why we use our years of experience to help customers through it all.

Large pieces pose a particular challenge to homeowners. Even once the branches and trunks are removed, a stump could be a big leftover problem. Don’t avoid doing what needs to be done because you’re facing a large project. Get an estimate on how we can take care of it all for you.

Don’t let another tree removal company water your time and money. At AKA, we work efficiently and quickly. We ensure that our prices are fair and affordable compared to other local companies.

With all the right tools at our disposal and the best Powder Springs, GA tree service experts on our team, we can get everything done for you at a competitive price.

We always recommend hiring a professional tree removal company when you are taking down large greenery. But how do you know when it’s time for one to come?

There are many signs you can look for, but making a final decision can be confusing. Here’s what we recommend for knowing when to call for our services.

Diseased Greenery

It’s common for plants to have diseases, and it’s often nothing you did wrong. Thankfully, many diseases can be treated, but not all. It’s hard for homeowners to know the difference between a treatable disease and an incurable one.

If you’re not sure what disease is harming your greenery, request an appointment with our certified arborists. We can help you treat the issue or will recommend professional tree removal in Powder Springs, GA.

Potential Falling Hazard

A large fallen tree can cause a lot of damage and become hazardous to people and properties nearby. We can help with tree trimming service to limit how much space the tree takes up, but depending on the location, trimming may not be enough.

You will want to consider removal if the tree is:

  • Too close to your home or a neighbor
  • Too close to the street
  • Showing signs that it’s not sturdy

Get in touch with us today to speak with our team about a tree that has recently fallen on or near your property.

Properly Remove Stumps

Don’t leave large stumps to sit in your yard. They are not attractive and a killer to curb appeal, but they may house unwanted pests, including termites. They can also be a serious tripping hazard, putting your family and friends at risk.

Don’t keep diseased trees or pest-ridden stumps in your yard any longer. Our certified arborists can diagnose your greenery and professionally remove any branches and stumps. Schedule your free estimate with Powder Springs, GA arborists today.


AKA Tree Service is proud to have an A+ BBB rating. Contact us today to experience the AKA difference for yourself.

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