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Finding an arborist to help with tree removal services on your property can be a challenge, but it is essential. Dying or crumbling trees can detract from the value of your Watkinsville, GA property and pose a safety hazard. An arborist can help you tackle these issues before they affect you or the property.

Hoping the tree won’t fall for another week won’t guarantee much, but our professional tree removal services in Watkinsville, GA, do. Call (404) 713-4305 and let AKA Tree Services take care of those hazardous stumps, dead or fallen trees, and other unsightly vegetation. Or, if you need tree care, we can help with everything from simple trimming and pruning to fast emergency services for dangerous trees.

Old trees put your home at risk of damage or danger. If they have branches that overhang onto the property, this can cause water and debris to build up. Eventually, the roof could cave in, mold can collect, and algae can grow. Even tall trees without cumbersome branches can pose a threat. If their roots and trunk are feeble, they are at increased risk of being knocked into your home during a storm, putting residents in danger.

Our expertise leads to efficient and affordable tree removal. We have dealt with common diseases like canker disease, heart rot, or even verticillium wilt disease, which affects the trees’ roots.

We provide minimally intrusive services that don’t damage the surrounding lawn or property. It means we won’t depreciate your home value or anger your neighbors. These removal services are fast, efficient, and convenient.

If a stump or entire tree is cluttering up the yard and tanking the property value, we’ve got you covered. If a sick tree has provided a home for pests and vermin, we know the best ways to get rid of it efficiently. Call AKA Tree Service today to request a free quote.

This service helps keep your trees looking clean and manicured. But it can also help your trees to stay healthy and grow. How can trimming and pruning help your trees thrive?

  • Remove old branches to encourage healthy growth
  • Let sunlight through for lower plants
  • Prevent tree fall risks by catching problems early
  • Declutter unappealing eyesores and have a well-manicured yard

Our dedicated team has spent two decades learning about Watkinsville, GA homes, trends, trees, and common arboreal ailments in the area. Our trimming and pruning methods utilize scientific knowledge and understanding as well as high-end industry tech.

Our tree trimming service tackles the job at the best time to promote optimal growth. We have specialized equipment for even the most unique cases, so you’re never left waiting to make your yard live up to your vision.

You never know when an emergency is going to strike. Local professional tree removal companies can become flooded with requests when it does, leaving you waiting around with dangerous debris. That’s why AKA Tree Services offers 24/7 emergency storm service for any fallen tree or debris that may become a danger.

Some companies hire under-qualified removal professionals that aren’t up-to-date on safety protocol. It is widespread with companies that ride into town following storms to take advantage of storm-damaged homes with phony services and high prices. Don’t fall for these scammers who only want to overcharge you to make a profit from desperate homeowners.

Our employees undergo rigorous safety training to ensure that no job puts a worker or a resident at risk. Call us when you need emergency tree removal service fast.

Our tree trimming service and tree pruning service can help to remove overhanging branches. What happens when tall trees outgrow the average ladder?

Our certified team of professionals can provide fast and safe crane services to trim and prune tall branches. A crane can get debris off of taller structures.

We operate a 35-ton crane for routine jobs and a 75-ton crane for larger projects. Call today for access to the best crane technology in the tree removal industry.

You shouldn’t have to be an export arborist to avoid being scammed or overcharged. That’s why AKA Tree Services has worked to earn the trust of the Watkinsville area with complete transparency and open communication. Our ISA-certified arborist team has the training, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to remove cumbersome trees and stumps from your yard safely and efficiently.

As a trusted Watkinsville emergency tree removal service, we are fully transparent with our clientele. It all begins when you call now for a free estimate from our friendly arborist team. From there, we are upfront and transparent with costs at all times. We don’t tack on hidden fees, and we never overcharge or perform extra services you don’t need.

Our long-term and lasting relationships with clientele are evidence of the dedication and loyalty we bring to each new partnership.

Whatever the unique scenario may be, we are ready. We have spent years as a tree removal company acquiring versatile training and experience. AKA Tree Services has the best cutting-edge equipment to get the job done.

What comes with two decades of hard-working service to the local Watkinsville community? It comes with the guarantee that working with AKA Tree Services is a quality investment in your property and yourself. Our unique knowledge of the local trees, nature, homes, and property laws makes our work efficient and effective.

Residents know they can trust us as industry leaders in arboriculture. With our local knowledge, we never get stumped or run into a problem we haven’t solved before. Our 20 years of experience come with full ISA guideline compliance as well.

Call AKA Tree Services at (404) 713-4305 to request a free estimate. Tree or stump removal, trimming, pruning, 24/7 emergency storm services, and even crane trimming—it’s all part of our variety of offerings available to local Watkinsville customers.


AKA Tree Service is proud to have an A+ BBB rating. Contact us today to experience the AKA difference for yourself.

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