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Tree Removal in Atlanta and Athens, GA

AKA Tree Service understands that sometimes tree removal is the best option on your property. There are certain situations where taking a tree out makes more sense than trying to go another route, although deciding when to remove a tree can be challenging. After all, you don’t want to remove a tree if there may be another way to approach things. Healthy trees add shade, visual interest, and value to your property.

Top 7 Reasons to Remove Your Tree

We’re happy to offer you the following seven reasons we take into consideration when advising a property owner on matters such as these. If any of the following seven factors are a concern, you may want to seriously evaluate the tree for removal. We’re always glad to come out and look to see if this would be the best solution in your particular situation.

Dead trees

This one may seem obvious, but some people question whether a dead tree really needs to be removed. As a professional tree service, we always advise removing dead trees as they can become a hazard. Trees that are no longer alive can fall over, drop large branches, and provide other hazards to structures and people. In addition, they can become a haven for pests. Better to get rid of a dead tree than wait for nature to take its course.

Diseased trees

Certain tree diseases can’t be treated easily—especially if they aren’t caught early. Tree diseases can sometimes be obvious, and other times can hide out until they become advanced. Diseased trees can spread to healthy trees, and they also become a danger. They also tend to begin to look sparse and unattractive. Not all tree diseases necessitate removal, but in some cases it really is the best option.

Damaged trees

Tree damage can be caused by everything from storms and high winds to construction. Damaged trees can be unsteady and even dangerous if left alone. If any branches are compromised severely, or the trunk of the tree has suffered harm, taking the tree down completely may be a wise move.

Trees in a bad location

If you have a tree that was planted too close to your home or building it can cause issues down the road as it grows. This is also true of trees that are growing into areas that have power lines, or those with roots near your sewer or water lines. Although it isn’t an ideal solution, if the tree is going to present a problem later, it should probably be removed.

Trees in the path of construction

If you are building new or plan to expand a structure, there are often trees in the way of construction. As you create the plan for your garage, home, or building, you will likely have to decide which trees are going to have to be removed. Factoring in heavy machinery and staging areas should also be taken into consideration. Making sure everything will fit is a priority, and trees that are in your build box can’t remain if you want to put something else there.

Trees that were poorly planted

Poor planting is poor planning! People who don’t understand tree growth often plant multiple trees much too close together. As the trees get larger, this can present a problem. Not only will the trees look strange, but they can cause one another to have issues. Sometimes removing a few trees in the pattern can make the space needed for the other trees to thrive.

Trees that are messy

Although nobody likes to cut down a tree, if it is always dropping things in a location that you use frequently, it can be extremely inconvenient. Some trees shed needles, others seeds, and still others fruit. If you really don’t want to deal with the cleanup, you may want to eliminate them in favor of something less labor intensive.

Our Tree Removal Service

AKA Tree Service always recommends using professional assistance for tree removal. With our specialized equipment and years of experience we can do this work both quickly and safely. We specialize in emergency tree removal, and we can even do stump removal once we’ve gotten the ground cleared of the trunk and branches. Tree removal is not a safe DIY project!

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