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Healthy trees and landscaping are an asset to your property that enhances your enjoyment of outdoor spaces and improves curb appeal. At AKA Tree Service, we are more than a tree trimming service. We understand that your trees are an investment in your property, which is why you’ll receive the help of a certified arborist near Atlanta to identify the issue or disease affecting your trees and administer the appropriate treatment to restore the health of your trees and the look of your yard.

Identifying the Signs of Unhealthy Trees

Maintaining a beautiful yard means keeping tabs on the health of your trees and landscaping. As soon as you spot the signs of an unhealthy or dying tree, it’s important to contact an ISA arborist for an onsite inspection to minimize the advancement or spread of disease.

  • Out-of-season changes in the color or quality of leaves on your trees is often a sign of disease. Any time a tree begins to show color changes, wilting leaves, or drops its leaves before the fall, it’s time to call your tree service for help.
  • Many types of tree disease cause cankers, spots, or lesions to appear on tree trunks. Taking the time to inspect your yard periodically can alert you to the development of any unusual growths on your trees, which signal the need for professional attention.
  • Cracks, splits, or other visible damage to tree trunks or the intersection between branches should be brought to the attention of your tree service. While this damage may be due to weather or age, it may also be a sign of pests or disease.

The Importance of Hiring an Arborist for Tree Treatment

Treating disease in trees is just like treating disease in humans. Effective tree treatment hinges on accurate diagnosis of the cause of the problem, as well as a good working knowledge of all the options and solutions available. Working with an ISA-certified arborist in Atlanta is the best way to ensure your trees receive top-quality treatment for faster recovery. An arborist has received years of training and education in the field of trees and other woody plants. Trusting your trees to a certified arborist can mean the difference between a widespread contagion that requires extensive tree removal and the fast containment and treatment of disease to save your trees and minimize the impact of disease on the look of your yard and the cost of landscaping maintenance.

AKA Tree Service specializes in tree trimming, pruning, and care in Atlanta. Whether you need tree removal or diagnosis and treatment of tree disease, you can reach our 24-hour tree service by calling (404) 713-4305.

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