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Expert Tree Pruning Services in Atlanta and Athens, GA

AKA Tree Service does professional tree pruning in the Atlanta and Athens, GA area. We are more than a tree service company! Our knowledgeable team members include experienced tree cutters as well as a team of ISA-certified arborists. Simply put—we know trees!

Tree pruning has a number of different functions. The most obvious is aesthetics, but there are some other practical reasons to make sure your trees are pruned properly as well.

Top 6 Reasons to Prune Your Tree

If you’re wondering why tree pruning is so critical, here are just six of the many reasons tree pruning is important:

Trees look better with shape

A well-trimmed tree looks good. This is one of the major reasons homeowners prune trees, although perhaps not the most important one! The landscaping always looks better when trees are trimmed and shaped.

Pruning removes dead branches

From time to time, you may have branches on your tree that die for one reason or another. These dead branches can be a danger as they are no longer sturdy, and are at risk of breaking or falling and harming the tree, property, or even people. It’s always a good to remove these branches.

Pruning addresses diseased branches

A good tree trimming crew can evaluate the branches of a tree and remove those not doing well. Removing diseased branches not only helps to prevent the spread of disease, but it also helps promote new, healthy growth.

Trimming can help manage the canopy

Some trees experience thick branch growth which can crowd the canopy and prevent light from filtering through to the grass and plants below. Trimming helps thin out these thick areas and keep everything in better balance.

Seasonal pruning keeps trees healthy

Pruning trees at the optimal time of the year helps prevent disease, and promotes growth. Each tree has its own unique needs; if pruned seasonally, the healthier your tree will be.

Tree trimming addresses branch problems

If a tree is beginning to split somewhere in the branches, or branches are growing across one another at odd angles, trimming can help prevent major issues from developing down the line. Addressing branches when they are small and easy to remove makes is easier to do so once the tree has grown over time.

Our Trimming Services

When you turn to a professional tree trimming company, you’ll want to know what type of service you will be getting, along with an idea of potential scheduling. When you choose AKA Tree Service to provide pruning services, here is what you can expect:

  • Once your project has been scheduled, our crew will arrive within a given timeframe to perform the project as agreed upon.
  • Once pruning is complete, the crew will then clean up and haul away all tree debris, unless specified otherwise.

To get started, all you have to do is pick up the phone and contact us. We’ll get you on the schedule, and get your trees trimmed in no time!

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