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Stump Grinding in Atlanta and Athens

After a tree is removed from your property in the Atlanta area, a stump is left behind. Should you leave it or grind it? AKA Tree Service is here to help you make that decision.

Should I keep or remove the tree stump?

If you have acres of land and the tree stump is not close to your home, then it may make sense for you to allow the stump to decay over time. However, if you have a smaller piece of land or if the tree stump is closer to your home or other buildings, there are things to consider:

  • Stumps get in the way when mowing or planting a garden.
  • A stump can be an eyesore.
  • You can’t plant new trees or shrubs nearby as the old roots will hinder growth.
  • Stumps attract termites, carpenter ants, and other pests as they rot, which can cause serious damage to your home.

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is when a tree stump is shredded into small woodchips using a cutter drum that has teeth on it that removes small pieces of the stump as it grinds. All visible remains of the tree, even below grade, are ground into woodchips. The smaller roots are left behind, but they will decay over time.

Stump grinding is:

  • Fast. Most stumps can be ground down in a few hours.
  • Not labor-intensive. The entire process is done with a machine.
  • Pleasing to the eye. Stump grinding doesn’t remove the roots, leaving only a slight dip in the ground that will quickly blend in with your landscape.
  • Environmentally friendly. Grinding a stump requires no harmful chemicals and creates zero waste. In fact, the wood chips produced make great mulch for your garden.
  • Inexpensive. It costs far more to have the stump and all roots removed from your land.

Will the tree grow back?

Some species of trees are very hardy and will send up shoots from the roots left in the ground. While these shoots can be persistent, they are very small and can be easily clipped or mown down. As the roots decay, the shoots will not return. You can also speed up root decay by using organic homemade root killers.

AKA Tree Service Stump Grinding

Do you have a stump in the Atlanta or Athens area that needs to be removed, and are you unsure of how to proceed? Call the experts at AKA Tree Service to discuss your removal options. We are happy to answer all your questions and to provide you a quote for the work: 404-713-430.


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