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Wood Waste Management in Atlanta

Wood is a solid waste that includes discarded trees, stumps, branches, sawdust, scrap lumber, pallets, and other wood products. Wood waste generally comes from activities related to:

  • demolition
  • construction
  • renovation
  • packaging used to transport goods
  • street and park maintenance

Plant diseases and insects can also cause a spike in the generation of wood waste.

Disposing of Wood Waste

Wood can be disposed of via landfills, but there are far better options that benefit the environment and the community.

Reuse – Wood can be used many times for multiple purposes if it has not been treated with harmful chemicals or covered in lead paint. Build bridges, fix fences, construct raised garden beds with old wood. Before you throw something out, consider if it could be donated and put to good use at a homeless shelter, in a high school woodshop, or a church.

Recycle – Wood that can’t be reused can be recycled and made into mulch, sawdust, fuel pellets, wood chipping, compost, etc. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of uses for recycled wood.

Generate energy – Did you know that by sending wood to a biomass-to-energy producer, you can generate fairly clean energy in the form of electricity or steam.

Choose a wood processing facility over a landfill – Disposing of wood at a wood processing facility costs much less than disposing of the same amount of wood at a landfill. If you are disposing of clean wood, some wood waste processors won’t charge you. Disposal of wood into a landfill should be your very last option.

AKA Tree Service Wood Waste Management

It can be difficult for the average person who doesn’t have access to the necessary large machinery to dispose of the wood waste on their property, construction site, or other projects. At AKA Tree Service, we can help by evaluating how the wood waste would be best used, and we can haul it away. We can help you with all your wood waste needs. Call: 404-713-430.

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