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  • How to Tell When Trees Are Diseased or Dying [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Trees serve a variety of functions, from making your property look full and lush to providing shade and giving off oxygen for cleaner air. Because trees are so important, it’s a good idea to make sure that you are caring for yours in the proper way. Regular tree pruning in Atlanta will encourage healthy tree growth, and the attention of an arborist will help you know whether your trees are robust. Trees that are diseased or dying can be an eyesore, contagious, and even hazardous. Dead branches appear dry and brittle, and will break easily, which means they could fall and injure someone below. Diseased trees may show discolored leaves or fungal growth which can spread to surrounding trees. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about spotting the signs of a diseased or dying tree. Please share with your friends and neighbors.


    How to Tell When Trees are Diseased or Dying Infographic

  • Tips for Scheduling Emergency Tree Services

    tips for scheduling emergency tree services If you’re in need of emergency tree services in Atlanta , you might not have a lot of time to investigate your tree removal options. You will need to know how to identify when emergency tree removal is necessary, and whether there is a 24-hour tree service near you. Here are some tips for scheduling emergency tree services in your area.

    Know How to Identify When Emergency Tree Services Are Necessary

    The sooner you recognize that tree removal services are necessary, the less damage you will suffer. Some signs that you need emergency tree removal include a tree that is suddenly leaning severely to one side, a tree trunk that has severe cracks or damage, and tree leaves or limbs that are falling off during spring or summer. Emergency tree services are also necessary if a tree or limb has fallen on your home, if a tree or limb is cracked and threatening to fall, if a tree or limb has fallen on your car or yard, or if a fallen tree is blocking your driveway or street.

    Do Your Research on 24-Hour Tree Services in Your Area

    Before you require emergency tree removal, you should do research on the available tree services in your area. When an emergency occurs, you don’t want to have to just call the first tree-removal company that answers the phone or is available that day. You need to find a local tree service that can get to your home quickly, and preferably one that offers 24-hour tree services, has extensive experience, is fully insured, is licensed, and is an ISA certified arborist.

    Secure the Area After Tree Removal

    After tree removal, the surrounding area must be secured to prevent further damage. Your tree removal service might do this for you, but if they don’t, you should know how to do it yourself. You should put a protective barrier over or around any area that was damaged by the tree. For instance, if a tree fell on your roof, you can place a tarp over the damage to the roof.

  • Tree Planting Tips

    An ISA certified arborist in Atlanta can give you great tips on the type, location, and size of trees that you should plant in your yard. Planting trees around the perimeter of your home can reduce your energy bills and make your home more attractive and comfortable. To ensure the health of your trees, it’s important to only plant trees that are native to your area.

    Watch this video for some more tips for planting trees. You’ll get advice on where to plant your trees, how far apart they should be, and how deep the roots must be placed in the soil.

  • A Look at Winter Care for Your Trees

    appropriate winter tree care in Atlanta When you perform appropriate winter tree care in Atlanta , you’re less likely to need emergency tree services, like tree removal and tree cutting. During the winter, trees are more likely to become cracked, dry, and otherwise damaged. Here is a simple guide to winter tree care.

    Practice Good Tree Care Throughout the Year

    When you maintain excellent tree care throughout the year, your trees will be much stronger and healthier as you approach winter. At the beginning of summer, inspect your trees for signs of disease and damage. Damage and disease should be treated promptly to ensure that your trees are healthy by the time cold weather sets in. At the beginning of fall, spread fertilizer around your trees. The fertilizer should promote root growth, rather than leaf growth. Only plant new trees that are native to your area, as non-native trees are more likely to experience stress during the winter.

    Perform Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning with Care

    Tree trimming and tree pruning should only be done in the fall, when your trees have entered a dormancy phase. If you prune or trim your trees too early, you might encourage new growth, which increases your trees’ risk of frost damage during the winter. You should take care to prune weak and vulnerable branches. This will make the entire tree less susceptible to branch breakage. You can also use rope to secure and reinforce branches that are in danger of breaking.

    Use Mulch Effectively

    You can use mulch to protect your trees from damage by rodents, particularly mice. Leave a space between your mulch and the trunk of your tree to discourage mice, and check it frequently. You can also set out baits, traps, or using paint-on pest repellants. A layer of mulch around the base of your trees will prevent temperature fluctuations and moisture loss from the soil. A thick layer of organic mulch will protect the tree’s roots from cold temperatures. It will also prevent dehydration and cracked or broken branches.

  • Staying Safe During Your Tree Removal

    tips for staying safe when your arborist is removing a tree During the winter months, extreme weather conditions could result in a fallen tree on your property. In the event that you are faced with a fallen tree, you should be sure to schedule tree removal in Atlanta . With the help of a company offering tree cutting Atlanta, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your tree removal has been completed safely and effectively. A company offering emergency tree removal Atlanta in Atlanta will be there to assist you as soon as you are in need of help with a fallen tree. To help you prepare for your tree removal, here is a look at some tips for staying safe when your arborist is removing a tree on your property.

    Avoid Power Lines

    One of the most important safety tips during tree removal is to make sure that you avoid coming into contact with any power lines that may be on your property. When power lines are energized, they could pose a serious safety threat to you and your family. A team of experienced arborists will have the knowledge and experience needed to safely avoid coming into contact with any power lines near your home.

    Remain Alert

    If you are observing your arborists while they remove trees on your property, you should be sure to remain alert at all times. In the event that you fail to pay attention to a tree while it is being trimmed or removed, you could run the risk of coming into contact with falling branches. With the proper level of attention to the task at hand, you can prevent accidental injury during the tree removal process.

    Use Protective Equipment

    Your professional tree company will use protective equipment during the tree removal process. Some of the essential pieces of personal protective equipment that are used during tree removal include hard hats, protective glasses, and protection for the ears. Protective equipment will ensure that falling branches, leaves, and bark do not pose a safety hazard to you or other workers.