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Public Tree Inspections

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Public tree inspections by AKA Tree Service in Atlanta GA and Nashville TN

Maintaining your property involves more than just upkeep; it’s about ensuring safety and mitigating potential risks. Public tree inspections are a key step in this process and can help you detect issues early, averting potentially hazardous situations like fallen limbs or compromised tree health.

If you want to keep your trees in good condition, AKA Tree Service is here to help. Our expert team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to conduct thorough inspections and provide precise solutions, ensuring your trees remain assets rather than liabilities.

Importance of Public Tree Inspections

Taking care of the trees on your property is a big part of being a responsible owner. Just like maintaining your house or yard, looking after the trees is also your job. Making sure they’re healthy and not posing any risks is important for everyone’s safety. Regularly investing in public tree inspections offers several benefits, including:

  • Preserving Tree Health: Routine inspections are proactive measures that detect diseases, pest invasions, or structural weaknesses in their early stages, enabling swift intervention before these issues compromise tree health.
  • Community Safety: Trees suffering from diseases or structural weaknesses pose risks to public safety. Identifying and addressing these concerns promptly prevents potential harm to pedestrians, vehicles, and nearby properties.
  • Preventing Spread of Disease: Timely inspections help contain the spread of diseases and pests, protecting not only the inspected tree but also neighboring greenery.

How Often Should I Get a Tree Inspection?

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to get a public tree inspection at least once every three years. However, you may want to increase the frequency if you’re caring for a heritage tree or if you have specific concerns about the health of your landscape. If you notice problems like damage from a storm, signs of pest activity, or decay, then you should contact an expert as soon as possible.

What Does a Public Tree Inspection Include?

A professional tree inspection from a certified arborist goes far beyond just a visual inspection. They will meticulously examine your tree for signs of problems such as:

  • Broken or damaged limbs
  • Pest activity or disease
  • Poor soil health
  • Overhanging branches
  • Internal decay

After thoroughly inspecting your tree and its surrounding environment, the arborist will provide you with a detailed report and list of recommendations for the next steps. They can also provide you with an estimate for any additional maintenance that they think is appropriate for your situation.

Public Tree Care FAQs

Property owners, businesses, and municipalities are generally responsible for public tree maintenance, though your specific situation depends on where the tree is located and what local regulations require. Always read through local codes to figure out who should be caring for trees near your property. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask an arborist!

In many cases, it’s difficult to tell if your tree is high-risk. That said, if your tree seems unhealthy or unstable, it’s always a good idea to contact an arborist. Signs of a high-risk tree include:

  • Broken or overhanging branches
  • Stunted growth or failure to bloom
  • Hollow or decaying trunk
  • A new or increasing lean
  • Pest or storm damage

If your tree is unhealthy, it could harm the public or cause property damage. Fallen limbs could crash onto cars, end up in utility lines, or land on somebody, which is why it’s crucial to seek help immediately if you have a tree-related concern.

Protect Your Community With Public Tree Care

With over 12 years of experience serving the vibrant community of Atlanta, GA, AKA Tree Service stands as a trusted name in tree care. Our team comprises ISA-certified arborists who are equipped with the expertise to handle all aspects of tree inspection and care. We specialize in dedicated public tree inspection services, ensuring the well-being of trees within our community. When you need reliable tree care or advice from an arborist, reach out to our team!

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