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Contractor Tree Management

Construction operations, including the use of heavy machinery, soil manipulation, and concrete placement, can profoundly affect the well-being of the natural landscape, especially trees. As a contractor, it’s crucial to assess how your project might affect the environment and nearby plant life. That’s where AKA Tree Service steps in. Our expert team of arborists works with contractors to provide tree resources and solutions, ensuring the preservation of surrounding trees while facilitating uninterrupted project completion.

We offer comprehensive support spanning from initial tree assessments to pruning, removal, and root safeguarding, guiding, and aiding throughout every construction stage.

Contractor resources by AKA Tree Service in Atlanta GA and Nashville TN
Contractor tree solutions by AKA Tree Service in Atlanta GA and Nashville TN

Comprehensive Tree Care Solutions for Contractors

Each worksite holds its own set of distinctive challenges, often bringing unforeseen circumstances. Thankfully, our adept professionals at AKA Tree Service are well-equipped for any situation. As ISA-certified arborists and holders of advanced utility safety accreditation, we deliver expert guidance and tree-related services tailored to your construction site.

Our contractor tree services cover a variety of needs, such as:

  • Assessments for public trees
  • Evaluating tree risks
  • Pruning and trimming services
  • Tree and stump removal
  • Control of invasive plants
  • Clearance of utility lines
  • Management of pests and diseases
  • Assistance in construction planning
  • Soil aeration and air-tilling treatments

Lasting Partnerships

Establishing enduring partnerships is pivotal, especially for contractors juggling multiple responsibilities. Seeking new arborists for each project can be a time-consuming challenge. At AKA Tree Service, we prioritize fostering long-term relationships. With 12 years of expertise in serving the Atlanta, GA area, we are dedicated to providing unwavering results coupled with outstanding customer service.

For any tree-related inquiries or concerns, rely on AKA Tree Service as your go-to for comprehensive contractor tree management, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience.

Contractor Tree Maintenance FAQs

Significant alterations to the landscape often lead to a decline in tree health. Construction can profoundly impact trees through:

  • Disturbing the root system
  • Compacting or shifting soil
  • Triggering soil erosion or runoff
  • Heat or chemical damage

These concerns, even if not immediately visible, can lead to perpetual tree health issues. Weakened or damaged trees pose considerable risks to property occupants and visitors. Thankfully, that risk can be mitigated with the assistance of certified arborists.

Commercial contractors should always consult an arborist during the pre-construction stage, before starting any on-site work. Engaging an arborist before initiating on-site work allows for a landscape assessment and collaboration on devising a tree health maintenance strategy. This proactive approach helps mitigate any unintended environmental damage that could arise during construction.

Preserving trees during construction doesn’t have to be complex. Minor adjustments in your building approach can greatly support plant health. Key tree protection methods we use include:

  • Setting up tree protection fences
  • Establishing clear paths for heavy machinery
  • Regular monitoring of tree health
  • Loosening compacted soil through aeration
    Enforcing post-construction maintenance

Your Local ISA-Certified Arborists

When starting construction projects, contractors must weigh the environmental impact of their work. Safeguarding trees doesn’t have to be complex. With over 12 years of serving numerous businesses in Atlanta, GA, our ISA-certified arborists at AKA Tree Service proactively handle and minimize potential issues across the project’s stages. For tree inspections, removal aid, or construction planning advice, our contractor tree resources team is ready to assist. To learn more or if you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to call us today!

AKA Tree Service truck with a wood chipper attachment, cleaning up a yard.

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