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Tree cabling by AKA Tree Service in Atlanta GA and Nashville TN

Many homeowners develop deep attachments to their cherished trees, often attaching sentimental value to them. When a tree becomes damaged, begins to lean, or struggles to hold its weight, homeowners often face the unpleasant reality that they may have to remove their tree. Tree cabling and bracing are the perfect solutions to save a tree that has become a danger to people and structures in the area. If you believe a tree is in imminent danger of falling or damaging property, contact AKA Tree Service immediately. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to any tree emergency.

What is Tree Cabling and Bracing?

Tree cabling, or bracing, is often used to protect the structural integrity of a tree’s branches or trunk that has become damaged or weakened. An arborist will use tree cabling as a short-term solution to help a tree recover from damage or as a long-term solution to preserve a significant or cherished tree that an owner prefers not to prune or remove.

During the tree cabling process, an ISA-certified arborist from AKA Tree Service will inspect the tree to ensure it is suitable for cabling or bracing and determine the type of cabling required. Next, they will install a system of braces and cables strategically placed around the branches and trunk to provide necessary support.

Depending on the tree’s condition and the support needed, the arborist might also use support rods secured into the ground.

Tree Cabling FAQs

Cabling and bracing can last until your tree is healed enough to no longer need support or for as long as it remains a safe solution to support your tree. Over time, your tree’s cabling may require adjustments, repairs, or replacement.

It is recommended to have your cables inspected yearly as they can shift or may require replacement as they age. If you notice your cables need maintenance, schedule a cable inspection with AKA Tree Service as soon as possible.

Cabling is used to support damaged tree limbs and trunks while they heal. Only a certified arborist can assess your tree’s needs and determine whether cabling is appropriate or if the tree needs to be removed.

Bracing and cabling are common techniques used to reinforce your tree’s structure and prevent additional leaning or breakage as your tree heals and becomes stronger. AKA Tree Service’s arborist will evaluate your leaning tree’s condition to see if cabling would be beneficial or needed.

AKA Tree Service Expert Cabling and Bracing Services

Tree cabling offers multiple advantages, supporting your tree and increasing its health and longevity. At AKA Tree Service, we understand your sentimental connection to your trees. Our team of ISA-certified arborists will work hard to save your trees with customized bracing and stabilization plans to ensure your trees stand tall for many years to come.

If your trees are damaged, leaning, or need extra support, contact the certified tree specialists at AKA Tree Service today for more information on our tree cabling and bracing services.

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