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  • The Benefits of Crane Services

    crane services for tree trimming and tree pruning If you’re investigating tree services in Atlanta for your home, you should look for a company that offers crane services for tree trimming and tree pruning. When you have tall, large trees, it can quickly become impossible to perform effective, healthy tree trimming services and tree pruning services yourself. A tree company can utilize a crane for tree cutting services that will maintain the health and beauty of your trees.

    When you fall behind on tree trimming and pruning, you run the risk that tree branches will crack, break, or die and become a safety hazard. Your tree might also become overcrowded with dead branches and leaves that will stunt further growth. Branches that are too long and heavy can interfere with telephone wires, or threaten your home’s structures, such as awnings, roofs, gutters, windows, or heating and cooling elements mounted on the roof.

    The tree care professionals at your tree company will use a crane to quickly and safely remove branches that are dead, broken, or otherwise hazardous. Your tree arborist can also perform expert tree trimming and tree pruning services that will make your tree look attractive and healthy once again.

  • The Importance of Choosing an ISA Certified Arborist

    look for an ISA certified arborist near Atlanta If you’re in need of tree trimming or tree pruning, look for an ISA certified arborist near Atlanta . The ISA, or International Society of Arboriculture, administers comprehensive examinations on tree care and services to ensure that tree arborists are qualified and experienced. Here are some of the reasons why it is so important to choose an ISA certified arborist for your tree care needs.

    ISA Certified Arborists Participate in Continuing Education on Tree Care

    In order to maintain their ISA certification, tree arborists must participate in continuing education services regarding tree care. These educational services guarantee that an ISA certified arborist is aware of the latest advancements in tree care. Your ISA arborist will also be capable of utilizing new technology, treatments, and tree services to maintain your tree’s health. Tree services are complex and varied, and ISA arborists are more qualified to perform tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, and more.

    ISA Arborists Must Adhere to a Code of Ethics

    In addition to continuously furthering their tree care knowledge, ISA certified arborists must also adhere to a strict code of ethics. This means that if you hire a certified tree arborist from a reputable tree company, you can feel confident that you will get high quality tree services from an honest, knowledgeable, and experienced tree care specialist. Your tree company will charge fair prices for their tree services, and will likely offer a much wider range of tree services than other tree companies do.

    ISA Certification Demonstrates Commitment and Knowledge

    The process of becoming an ISA certified arborist is lengthy and complex. When you find a tree arborist who is ISA certified, you will know that he or she is committed to providing the best tree services possible. He has also proven to the ISA that he has extensive knowledge and experience in an array of integral tree services. He is also fully competent in providing tree care services that will maintain the health and beauty of your trees.

  • What Is Stump Grinding?

    purpose of stump grinders When you contact a tree service to discuss stump removal in Atlanta , your tree company might recommend stump grinding. Stump grinding allows your tree company to perform a safe, efficient, and complete tree stump removal so that you can use the area where the tree once was for a different purpose. Here is a look at the purpose of stump grinders and the overall stump grinding process during a tree stump removal.

    The Stump Grinding Process

    Your tree company will use a high-tech, professional stump grinder to mechanically remove the entire tree stump. A stump grinder is a heavy piece of machinery that should only be operated by a trained and experienced professional from a tree removal service. The machine is powered by a petrol engine, and consists of a hydraulically controlled arm and a steel cutting wheel. The cutting wheel is at the end of the arm, and contains extremely sharp steel teeth. The wheel spins at a very high speed, allowing it to cut through and grind the tree stump.

    Why You Should Consider Stump Grinding

    Stump grinding is the most efficient and effective form of stump removal. When you opt for stump grinding, you can rest assured that the entire tree stump will be removed, thus eliminating the hazards and safety risks of an exposed stump. Stump grinding also ensures that termites, ants, bees, snakes, and other pests do not have a ready habitat in which to nest. Additionally, opting for stump grinding rather than stump removal demands less of an impact on your landscaping.

    The Difference Between Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

    Your tree company might offer more than one option for tree stump removal. Some homeowners choose to let the tree stump decay and decompose naturally, but this process is lengthy and incomplete. Your tree service can also dig the tree stump out of the ground, however, this results in a deep hole that will have to be filled in. Stump grinding does not create a hole, and the grindings from the stump can be used as mulch for your landscaping.

  • Our Emergency Storm Services

     24-hour tree services in Atlanta At AKA Tree Removal, we provide prompt, skillful 24-hour tree services in Atlanta . If you need emergency tree removal, stump removal, or tree trimming, we can have an experienced, ISA certified arborist at your home within a matter of hours. After a storm, your trees may be damaged, or branches may have broken off and fallen onto your roof, in your driveway, or in the street. We offer comprehensive emergency storm services, and can clean up storm damage quickly and efficiently.

    Our tree experts can handle fallen trees; the removal of large branches from the road, driveway, or yard; trimming trees with broken branches; and removing hanging limbs that have not yet fallen. We can immediately provide you with an estimate of our emergency tree services, so that you’ll know exactly what to expect. We can also work closely with your insurance company to ensure that you get coverage for our tree services.

    We always follow ISA guidelines when performing our emergency storm services. We are careful to minimize further damage to your home, and preserve the safety of you and your family, while still making every attempt to preserve the health of your tree.