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  • Common Tree Diseases in Spring

    Your local tree arborist in Atlanta will tell you that wet spring weather creates a perfect environment for fungal diseases to develop on your trees. Watch this video to learn how tree pruning and prevention measures can keep diseases from affecting your trees.

    Brown blossom blight will kill flowers, twigs, and leaves on your tree. To prevent this, plant resistant tree varieties or give your tree preventative treatments like tree pruning in the early spring. Another common tree disease seen in the spring is Sycamore anthracnose, which causes blighted leaves, leaf drop, and dead twigs.

    When it comes to tree care, disease prevention is critical. When you see disease on your trees, pruning the diseased parts and culling out some branches to create more space for air flow can help treat or manage the disease.

  • Reasons to Schedule Tree Trimming This Spring

    give your tree a good start for the season Spring is an ideal time for tree pruning near Atlanta. Well-maintained plants are healthy, attractive, safer, and can produce more flowers or fruit than those left untouched year after year. To give your tree a good start for the season, tree trimming in the spring can help your trees grow well as they end their winter dormancy.


    Regular tree pruning is an essential step in successful tree care. Low branches should be removed to clear the way for traffic or to improve the range of view for drivers, and split or broken branches need to be cut to prevent them from falling on homes, cars, or people. For trees that grow along walkways, low-growing branches should be trimmed to protect passersby. Storms are common in the spring, so it’s vital to deal with trees and branches that present a safety hazard before heavy winds and rains send them flying or falling.

    Tree Health

    Tree trimming gives you a chance to cut away any branches that are dead, pest-ridden, or diseased, promoting the health of the tree and those growing around it. Removing dead or dying branches will also support new growth and enhance the look of the tree. Pruning branches can also promote new growth and encourage more flowers or fruit. A tree that receives even mild damage may appear unsightly or begin to decline, but proper pruning can save the tree from dying and needing to be removed. Appropriate tree care is a necessary part of property maintenance to prevent disease or damage from affecting the long-term health of your tree.

    Tree Growth

    Seasonal pruning allows you to remove branches and growth that you find undesirable on your tree, such as hanging or crisscrossed branches. You can have your tree shaped in a particular way to match those around it, and also influence the way that it will grow because with each cut, you can encourage a tree to stop growing in one direction and start growing in another. For trees susceptible to illness, thinning out a thick canopy can reduce the risk for fungal and bacterial disease growth.

  • The Benefits of Stump Grinding

     tree removal companies offer stump grinding If your yard is plagued by one or more unsightly tree stumps, consider stump grinding for your Atlanta yard. Stump grinding is a tree removal service that can eliminate an unwanted stump after a tree has died, fallen, or needed to be cut. Most tree removal companies offer stump grinding, and there are several reasons why you might benefit from this service.

    Enhancing Aesthetics and Space

    If you prefer a tidy lawn, neat hedges, and immaculate landscaping, then a tree stump isn’t doing your yard any favors. Stump grinding is an affordable service that can greatly improve the look of your property and also increase its value. If you have a small yard, a tree stump can take up a significant amount of space above ground and even more below, making it difficult to landscape or garden in its vicinity. Removing a stump can make room for a variety of garden elements such as a flower bed, a table and chairs, or a small pond.

    Improving Convenience and Safety

    Tree stumps present a serious inconvenience when it comes to mowing your lawn, requiring you to maneuver carefully around them, and accidentally hitting them may cause severe damage to your lawnmower. Tree stumps also present a trip hazard in your yard and are particularly dangerous if you have children or seniors living in your home. If a neighbor of their child were to trip on the tree stump, you could be held liable for their injuries as the property owner.

    Avoiding Unwanted Growth and Pests

    When a tree stump is left behind in the ground, it can potentially cause new trees to spring up around it. Often, new growth from a tree stump causes a cluster of small trees to pop up at its base. Besides being unsightly, this group of young trees can also be damaging to any plants nearby because they will absorb water and nutrients from the soil for their own growth. Tree stumps also make a perfect home for insects like termites, wood borers, ants, and beetles, and should be removed to prevent these pests from making their way into your home.

  • What Is Tree Insurance?

    Tree insurance protects you from unexpected costs caused by tree damage After a storm, it’s important to inspect your property for damaged trees and to call a tree cutting service near Atlanta if you have falling trees or broken branches. Emergency tree service specialists recommend including tree insurance as part of your insurance policy if you have trees on or around your property.

    Tree insurance protects you from unexpected costs caused by tree damage. If a diseased or dead tree falls on your home, you may have to pay for the tree removal, but your insurance will cover the cost of repairs for your house. It’s important to understand that when a tree causes damage, its origin doesn’t matter. If a branch from your neighbor’s tree falls onto your car, for example, it’s with your insurance company that you will need to file a claim.

    AKA Tree Removal provides affordable and professional tree care, pruning, and emergency tree services. When you have a tree emergency, we will work with your insurance company to minimize your costs and provide safe tree removal.