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  • What is Your Tree Telling You?

    Trees can add beauty to your property, as well as increase its value. Luckily, there are some traits your tree may exhibit that indicate you should look into tree care near Atlanta. By dealing with tree issues early, you can potentially avert damage to your property and the loss of a tree.

    Tree pruning should be thought of a necessary practice to keep your tree healthy and attractive. If your tree has deadwood, crossing branches, branches that seem densely packed, or has developed an irregular shape, then it can probably benefit from pruning. Additionally, trees that are leaning or broken may require tree removal to ensure your family’s safety.

    If you notice that one of your trees seems less healthy than it one was, then it may be suffering from a tree disease. Some common warning signs include dying branches, areas of missing bark, discolored leaves, and leaf loss. If you have an ISA certified arborist examine your tree, he may be able to determine what’s plaguing it and tell you what you can do to help it recover.

     tree care near Atlanta

  • The Best Way to Plant a Tree

    Planting trees is a great way to add shade and natural beauty to your yard. If you’re ready to add more trees to your property, contacting a professional tree service that employs an ISA arborist in Decatur is an excellent way to get started. Watch this video to learn about the best way to plant a tree.

    ISA certified arborists recommend double-staking your new trees in areas that suffer from the occasional windy weather. When staked improperly, winds can dislodge your young tree from the ground and end up killing the roots. However, it’s important that you don’t stake the tree too tightly. Providing the trunk with a small amount of room to sway will encourage the tree to send out more roots and improve its stability. Talk to your local tree service company to find out more about planting new trees.

  • Why You Might Need Emergency Tree Removal

    Your property’s trees can provide it with natural beauty, shade, and homes for wildlife. When trees or branches fall, however, this can be dangerous for your family and home. Because of this, it’s important to watch for signs that can indicate a need for emergency tree removal in Atlanta. need for emergency tree removal in Atlanta

    Diseased Tree Removal

    A tree can appear quite healthy from the outside when in fact, it may be weakened due to disease and in danger of falling. Warning signs to watch for are cavities in the trunk, a hollowed trunk, deep cracks, missing bark, and dead or falling branches. The ideal way of ensuring that your trees remain healthy and safe is to schedule regular tree service. Having your trees trimmed, maintained, and inspected by professionals can help them grow properly, look attractive, and remain free of disease. AKA Tree Services also provide tree removal to cities outside of Atlanta, includes Alpharetta and Marietta.

    Severe Storms Tree Damage Removal

    While a healthy tree is strong and stable, it can still be damaged in high winds. During storm season, your property’s trees may take quite a beating. If any of your trees are leaning, fallen, or have broken branches after a storm, then it’s time to call an emergency tree removal company. Even if a damaged tree or branch appears stable, it can pose a serious threat to the safety of your family and property.

    Weakened Bases

    A tree’s root system plays a major role in its stability. Examine the trees on your property and if you see exposed roots that appear diseased, weakened, or rotten, call a tree service right away. If the tree’s roots are failing, it may only be a matter of time before the tree falls. In other cases, you may have a tree that is leaning. If it’s been in this state for some time, you may be tempted to ignore it, but it’s essential to have leaning trees inspected by a professional who can determine if they pose a hazard. Finally, erosion can cause a tree to become unstable. If a significant amount of a tree’s roots is exposed, you should have the tree looked at, even if it doesn’t appear sick or unstable.

    AKA Tree Services is proud to now offer professional emergency tree removal in Athens, GA.

  • Does Your Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

    During storm season, it is a smart decision for homeowners to be aware of their insurance coverage regarding tree removal . High winds can send branches and trees from your property flying or falling, allowing them to land on your roof, your neighbor’s car, or against nearby power lines. For these and similar reasons, it’s important to know if your insurance will cover tree removal services near Decatur. tree removal services near Decatur

    Determining if You Need Professional Tree Removal

    Fallen trees can cause significant damage to your property. Although you may be tempted to deal with the disposal of a fallen tree yourself, doing so could prove dangerous. Fallen trees are heavy and can move unpredictably, making it essential to hire professionals who have the correct training and equipment to manage these situations.

    Finding Out if Your Policy Covers Tree Removal and Damage

    In many cases, homeowner’s insurance will cover at least some aspects of the tree removal process and debris cleanup after this type of disaster. If the fallen tree lands on your property, there is a good chance that your insurance will cover its removal as well as repairs for the damage it causes to insured property, provided that it fell because of a storm or similar circumstances that are beyond your control. When damage is caused by a fallen tree, the tree’s origin doesn’t matter. Therefore, if one of your trees damages your neighbor’s property, he will need to file a claim with his insurance. Similarly, if one of your neighbor’s trees damages your home, it is your insurance company that needs to be contacted.

    Learning if Your Tree Removal Company Works with Insurance

    If you are faced with damaged and fallen trees on your property, be sure to contact an emergency tree removal service that has experience in communicating with insurance companies. Choosing a tree removal company that is familiar with handling these types of emergencies and working with the homeowner’s insurance provider can make the process faster, smoother, and potentially less costly.