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  • How to Prepare Your Trees Before a Storm

    Your trees add value and natural beauty to your property , but Georgia weather can take a toll on these assets during storm season. For this reason, tree arborists serving Atlanta and Decatur recommend that homeowners take measures to protect their trees before bad weather hits. Continue reading to learn how to prepare your trees for a storm.

    Prepare your Trees before Storm

    Self-Survey Your Property

    Conducting a survey of your trees is a great way to establish a foundation for a tree care plan and involves looking at tree canopies, bark, trunks, branches, and roots. These surveys will enlighten you about what you can do to help maintain the urban forest, and they will also prepare you to speak with an arborist, if necessary. Conduct a self-survey once per year and make a note of any changes in tree structure that you notice. If one of your trees appears to be leaning, damaged, or sick, then contact a certified arborist about treatment.

    Care for Your Trees

    Caring for your trees year-round is an excellent way to keep them healthy and protect them from severe weather. Water your trees consistently, fertilize them as needed, and mulch the tree’s base. Speak with a tree service professional to learn if some of your trees need unique care or treatment to prepare them for stormy weather.

    Hire a Certified Arborist

    Finally, one of the best steps that you can take to help ensure that your trees are as prepared as possible for surviving a severe storm is to hire the services of an ISA certified arborist. This type of tree service professional has at least 3 years of experience in the industry, has passed an exam, and has been certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. These arborists know how to address hazardous tree problems and can let you know if any tree pruning is needed. A certified arborist can also assess the health of your trees and provide tree treatments, if necessary.

  • Get to Know the Destructive Southern Pine Beetle

    Invasive pests are a common problem seen by tree care professionals, and one of which that may affect your pines is called the southern pine beetle. Watch this video to learn about this pest that’s frequently dealt with by tree services and ISA certified arborists near Atlanta .

    The southern pine beetle can typically be found living in the inner bark of pine trees. This invasive insect is seen commonly by tree service professionals and is the most destructive bug associated with pine trees in the southern United States. Mature beetles are 2 to 4 mm long, are brown or black in color, and have a cylindrical shape and short legs. Southern pine beetles feed on the phloem tissue of pines and can eventually lead to a tree’s death.

  • The Importance of Regular Tree Trimming and Pruning

    Trees grow and evolve as seasons pass, making ongoing care an important part of property maintenance. Continue reading to learn about why consistent tree trimming and tree pruning near Atlanta are important.

    Tree Trimming and Prunning Service in Atlanta, GA

    Promoting New Growth

    Over time, some of the branches on a tree can die, become diseased, or break. To prevent these parts from falling, infecting other areas of the tree, or stifling the plant’s growth, tree care experts recommend regular tree pruning and trimming. By clearing away these problem areas, you can help eliminate potential hazards and simultaneously stimulate new, healthy growth for the tree.

    Supporting Overall Health

    When left without any maintenance, it’s possible for trees to grow more densely than is healthy for them. When a tree’s canopy is too thick with leaves and branches, this can affect the plant’s health by preventing enough sunlight from reaching where it should. Also, too much growth in a tree’s canopy can stifle air circulation and create an environment that promotes tree diseases. For these reasons, arborists recommend that property owners have their trees pruned regularly.

    Protecting People’s Safety

    Having trees on your property can boost its value, add beauty, and provide shade. However, it’s critical to maintain your trees to help ensure people’s safety when on your land. Broken and diseased branches that are not removed may fall and seriously injure someone, and crossed or split branches can present the same problem while also stressing the tree. To help keep your trees healthy and people safe, remember to schedule regular tree pruning.

    Saving Your Trees

    High winds and stormy weather can take a toll on trees and lead to split and broken branches. When left alone, damaged trees can be a hazard for people and your property. Additionally, this type of damage can make the tree more vulnerable to disease and may even lead to the plant’s death. To help ensure that your trees survive any damage that they incur, you should schedule regular tree trimming and care to address damaged areas.

  • Why Hire an ISA Certified Arborist for Tree Treatment?

    Is one or more of your trees looking diseased or unwell? If so, then you have a good reason to contact a tree service and hire an ISA certified arborist in Decatur for treatment. Trees are investments that can boost your property’s value, make your home more energy efficient, and add natural beauty to your landscaping. For these reasons, it makes sense to do what you can to restore their health if your trees are struggling.

    Certified Arborist for Tree Treatment in Altanta, GA

    ISA certified arborists are tree care professionals that can be trained in dealing with a broad range of tree diseases. These tree experts must work full-time for at least 3 years in the professional tree care industry before being certified, and they must pass an examination that covers a specific facet of arboriculture. Municipal, utility, climber, aerial lift, and master arborist are examples of specialty areas in which these tree care experts can be certified. Because of the training that they receive, it makes sense to work with a tree service that employs ISA certified arborists.