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Answers to Common Questions About Tree Removal

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Common tree removal tactics used by AKA Tree Service in Atlanta GA and Nashville TN areas.Sometimes tree removal in Atlanta is necessary, but the process might be a bit more complicated than you think. Not all tree cutting is legal, and you may face unexpected consequences for your tree services. Whether the tree in question is dying, injured, or perfectly healthy, there is a specific process to follow when having it removed. Here is a look at the answers to some of the common questions about tree removal.

Is It Legal to Remove a Dying Tree?

A dying tree can be dangerous in that is may be more prone to falling over and causing injury or damage to your property; even if it lands on your neighbor’s property, the damage is still your responsibility. While this type of hazardous tree should be removed, the process is not as simple as going into your backyard and chopping it down with an axe. In order to remove a dying tree of at least six inches in diameter on public or private property, you and your tree removal company will need a permit. The type of permit you need depends on factors like the condition and location of the tree.

What Permit Do I Need?

All types of dangerous trees are organized in one category and require the same permit: a DDDH permit. This applies to trees that are already dead, in the process of dying, suffering from disease, or otherwise hazardous to their surroundings. If the tree you plan to remove is on your private property, you can apply for a DDDH permit through the Arborist Division of the Office of Buildings. If the tree is on public property, however, you will need to contact the Office of Parks instead. Approval cannot be appealed once either entity has approved your application.

Can I Remove a Healthy Tree?

A healthy tree might be considered a DDDH tree if it exists too close to your home or if it is under one foot in diameter and a certain type of species. If these requirements are not met, recompense will typically be required in order to remove a healthy tree.

Answers to Common Questions About Tree Removal in Atlanta GA

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