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Are Your Trees in Danger of Falling?

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While trees provide shade and beauty to any yard, they can also pose a danger to your property if they are not structurally stable. A company that offers tree removal in Decatur and Atlanta can help you identify which of your trees are perfectly safe, and which ones may be candidates for tree removal services. With routine tree cutting from an ISA arborist, you can make sure that your trees are healthy and stable enough to withstand the next storm. To help you decide whether it is time to contact your local tree company, follow these tips:


Look for Dangerous Leaning

When a tree is healthy and mature, it will typically grow straight out of the ground. As you get to know the trees in your yard, you can evaluate their growth patterns and angles. If you start to notice that one of your trees is leaning significantly to one side or the other, this may indicate that it is on its way to falling over. You can contact a tree removal service to see what steps to take next.

Assess for Split Trunks

Depending on the species, a mature tree will typically have 1 solid trunk that forms the base for the rest of its branches and growth. When trees are diseased or otherwise damaged, they may split into multiple trunks. Split trunks do not have the structural stability required to support the full weight of a mature tree, and may be an indication that your tree is in danger of falling.

Evaluate Signs of Diseases

Certain diseases can compromise the health and stability of even the most mature trees. To check if your trees are in danger of toppling over, you can look for the warning signs of diseases. If a tree is diseased, it may have discolored bark, yellow leaves, or no leaves at all. A certified arborist can diagnose your tree’s disease and recommend the safest course of treatment or removal.

Are Your Trees in Danger of Falling? in Atlanta GA

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