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  • Tips for Hiring an Arborist

    Hiring a tree service professional to provide trimming and care is an excellent decision if your property has trees. If you’re planning to hire a tree arborist near Decatur, there are several factors to bear in mind while choosing the professional who will be working on your property.

    Watch this video for tips on hiring a tree arborist. Before scheduling your tree service appointment, there are a few things that you should learn about the arborist. First, find out if they are ISA certified, TCIA accredited, licensed, and insured. Then, ask for an explanation of the work that they will do on your property, and if they follow applicable safety standards. Learning about your arborist before making a decision can help ensure that you receive quality service.

  • Spotting the Signs of a Diseased Tree

    keep your trees healthy Even if you practice good tree care in Decatur, it’s possible for one of your trees to be unwell. To help keep your trees healthy, watch for the following indicators of disease:

    Dead Limbs

    While looking up at your tree, if you notice that some of the branches appear dead or dying, then do not discount this as part of the tree’s natural life cycle. When a tree’s branches start to die, this can mean that it has contracted a disease. If some of the branches appear graying or are brittle, then contact a tree service or arborist.

    Mushroom Growth

    If you live in a wet climate, you may not think twice about seeing mushrooms crop up around your tree’s base. Unfortunately, many mushrooms only grow on decaying matter, so seeing this fungus on or around your tree can be a sign that your tree is diseased or dying.

    Insect Damage

    It’s normal for insects to live in your trees, but not all bugs should be considered welcome, as some of these critters can affect the health of your tree by causing damage and transferring disease. Some caterpillars, for example, will construct nests among foliage and feast on the tree’s leaves, a problem which can prevent the tree from photosynthesizing and cause it to starve. If you notice that your tree is looking unhealthy and that its leaves or trunk appear damaged, then consider calling an ISA certified arborist to take a look.

    New Growth

    Have you noticed new shoots springing up around of the base of your tree? If so, then there may be a problem. Often mistaken as a sign of health, new growth at the base of the tree often means that the roots are suffocating or that the tree has lost too many leaves to survive. Because this can mean that the tree is unwell or that its core is already dead, it’s wise to call an arborist as soon as possible to learn if tree removal is necessary or if the plant can be saved.

  • A Look at ISA Certification

    isa certification atlanta ga When you are in need of top quality tree removal in Atlanta, you should look no further than AKA Tree Removal. Our highly experienced arborists have the tree trimming tools and experience needed to safely and efficiently remove damaged or fallen trees from your property. Our ISA certification is among the best reasons why you should choose to book your tree removal appointment with our team of arborists. In order to become ISA certified, an arborist must have a minimum of three years of experience in the tree cutting and removal industry. Additionally, a tree removal specialist must pass a series of rigorous qualifying examinations. These exams ensure that the arborist is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in his field of work. By booking an appointment with our ISA certified company, you can feel great knowing that you have chosen to work with arborists who are leaders in their chosen industry.

  • Trust AKA Tree Removal in an Emergency

    aka tree removal atlanta ga It’s almost impossible to know when you’re going to need the help of a tree removal service in Atlanta. After all, you never know when a storm is going to cause a tree to fall onto your property. If you’re experiencing an emergency and you need help to get a fallen tree off of your property, AKA Tree Removal will come to the rescue at any time, day or night.

    AKA Tree Removal offers 24-hour service because they understand that these emergencies can take place at just about any time of the day. You never know when a storm is going to literally uproot your life, so it’s a good thing that you can rely on professional tree services to help with tree removal and fallen tree cleanup when a problem does arise. It’s usually not a good idea to attempt fallen tree cleanup all by yourself, as unforeseen shifting can cause even more damage and possibly even injuries. Instead, seek the aid of a trained arborist to help with tree removal and cleanup.