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  • Planting Trees Along the Street

    Given proper tree pruning and care, trees offer homeowners a range of benefits, including cooling homes in the summer by providing them with shade. If you recently had to hire tree removal services near Atlanta or Decatur because of a fallen or broken tree, then you may be getting ready to replace your lost tree with a new one.

    Watch this video for tips on planting a tree along your street. If your new plant has its roots contained with wire or burlap, tree care specialists advise that you remove these materials before planting. Next, plant your tree so that the soil stops where the root flare begins while being sure that the tree remains upright. Finally, tree service experts recommend filling in every air pocket with soil to help prevent the roots from drying out.

  • Tips for Planting a Tree

    While it is smart to hire a tree service or ISA arborist in Decatur or Atlanta for some aspects of tree care, planting a young tree is something you can do on your own. However, if you’re planning to plant a new tree in your yard, then there are a few important steps that you should take before proceeding. Watch this video for some helpful tree planting tips.

    First, dig a wide, shallow hole that is 2 to 3 times wider than the root ball, and no deeper than the root ball. When the hole is made too deep, the tree can become strangled as it matures and you may end up needing tree removal. Next, remove any burlap or metal that may be containing the tree. Finally, roughen up the dirt of the root ball to help the roots integrate with the soil of your yard.