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  • What You Should Know About Tree Removal and Insurance

    Are you in need of tree removal services in Atlanta? If so, then understanding if tree removal and damages are covered by your homeowners insurance is important. Before you have a tree removal company take care of your fallen or damaged trees, it’s important to be aware of the tree insurance benefits that are available to you. Most homeowners insurance policies will cover tree removal or damages from fallen branches on your property.

    Tree Insurance Removal in Atlanta, GA

    Tree insurance covers damages to your property caused by trees, and the origin of a branch or tree doesn’t matter. This means that if your neighbor’s tree falls on your roof, then it’s your responsibility to contact your insurance company about its removal and the damages. While your insurance is likely to cover damages caused by a tree, it may not handle its removal if the tree was diseased or dead.

    Being aware of your tree insurance is important for understanding your responsibilities in these situations and getting the most from your policy. To help streamline the process and minimize the costs of having a tree removed, work with a tree service that is accustomed to working with insurance companies.

  • Tips for Hiring an Arborist

    Hiring a tree service professional to provide trimming and care is an excellent decision if your property has trees. If you’re planning to hire a tree arborist near Decatur, there are several factors to bear in mind while choosing the professional who will be working on your property.

    Watch this video for tips on hiring a tree arborist. Before scheduling your tree service appointment, there are a few things that you should learn about the arborist. First, find out if they are ISA certified, TCIA accredited, licensed, and insured. Then, ask for an explanation of the work that they will do on your property, and if they follow applicable safety standards. Learning about your arborist before making a decision can help ensure that you receive quality service.

  • How to Tell if Your Trees Need to Be Removed

    Trees can be a wonderful asset to your property but in some cases, may need to be cut down. The following signs can indicate that you need tree removal.

    Tree Removal in Atlanta, GA

    They may fall over.

    Unstable trees present a serious hazard to your property and anyone on it. Many causes can result in a tree being unstable, such as high winds, soil erosion, and diseased roots. When a tree falls, it can present a danger to anyone in the area, and if it falls onto your house or car, you can expect to be facing some significant damages and repairs. If any of your trees are leaning, being held up by other trees, have cracked or heaving soil around the base, or have exposed roots, then it’s time to call a professional about tree removal.

    They are too crowded.

    As with any plant, if your trees are growing too close to one another, this can stunt their growth and cause them to grow in awkward directions as they reach for more light. Also, trees that are too crowded can promote the development of diseases due to a lack of air flow and sunlight. If you have trees that are overcrowded, then you should consider calling a tree removal service and having one or more of them removed.

    They are diseased or dead.

    There is a huge range of tree diseases, and some of them can cause a tree to die if left untreated. If you have a tree that is diseased, it’s important to contact a tree specialist to come and take a look at the plant and determine if it can be saved. Some symptoms that can indicate your tree is sick include lost or yellowed leaves, lost bark or branches, and new growth at the tree’s base. If caught early, there is a good chance that a tree arborist can recommend treatment options so you can restore the tree to health. If the tree is too far gone or already dead, then you will need to call a tree cutting service to have it removed.

  • Why You Might Need Emergency Tree Removal

    Your property’s trees can provide it with natural beauty, shade, and homes for wildlife. When trees or branches fall, however, this can be dangerous for your family and home. Because of this, it’s important to watch for signs that can indicate a need for emergency tree removal in Atlanta. need for emergency tree removal in Atlanta

    Diseased Tree Removal

    A tree can appear quite healthy from the outside when in fact, it may be weakened due to disease and in danger of falling. Warning signs to watch for are cavities in the trunk, a hollowed trunk, deep cracks, missing bark, and dead or falling branches. The ideal way of ensuring that your trees remain healthy and safe is to schedule regular tree service. Having your trees trimmed, maintained, and inspected by professionals can help them grow properly, look attractive, and remain free of disease. AKA Tree Services also provide tree removal to cities outside of Atlanta, includes Alpharetta and Marietta.

    Severe Storms Tree Damage Removal

    While a healthy tree is strong and stable, it can still be damaged in high winds. During storm season, your property’s trees may take quite a beating. If any of your trees are leaning, fallen, or have broken branches after a storm, then it’s time to call an emergency tree removal company. Even if a damaged tree or branch appears stable, it can pose a serious threat to the safety of your family and property.

    Weakened Bases

    A tree’s root system plays a major role in its stability. Examine the trees on your property and if you see exposed roots that appear diseased, weakened, or rotten, call a tree service right away. If the tree’s roots are failing, it may only be a matter of time before the tree falls. In other cases, you may have a tree that is leaning. If it’s been in this state for some time, you may be tempted to ignore it, but it’s essential to have leaning trees inspected by a professional who can determine if they pose a hazard. Finally, erosion can cause a tree to become unstable. If a significant amount of a tree’s roots is exposed, you should have the tree looked at, even if it doesn’t appear sick or unstable.

    AKA Tree Services is proud to now offer professional emergency tree removal in Athens, GA.

  • Does Your Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

    During storm season, it is a smart decision for homeowners to be aware of their insurance coverage regarding tree removal . High winds can send branches and trees from your property flying or falling, allowing them to land on your roof, your neighbor’s car, or against nearby power lines. For these and similar reasons, it’s important to know if your insurance will cover tree removal services near Decatur. tree removal services near Decatur

    Determining if You Need Professional Tree Removal

    Fallen trees can cause significant damage to your property. Although you may be tempted to deal with the disposal of a fallen tree yourself, doing so could prove dangerous. Fallen trees are heavy and can move unpredictably, making it essential to hire professionals who have the correct training and equipment to manage these situations.

    Finding Out if Your Policy Covers Tree Removal and Damage

    In many cases, homeowner’s insurance will cover at least some aspects of the tree removal process and debris cleanup after this type of disaster. If the fallen tree lands on your property, there is a good chance that your insurance will cover its removal as well as repairs for the damage it causes to insured property, provided that it fell because of a storm or similar circumstances that are beyond your control. When damage is caused by a fallen tree, the tree’s origin doesn’t matter. Therefore, if one of your trees damages your neighbor’s property, he will need to file a claim with his insurance. Similarly, if one of your neighbor’s trees damages your home, it is your insurance company that needs to be contacted.

    Learning if Your Tree Removal Company Works with Insurance

    If you are faced with damaged and fallen trees on your property, be sure to contact an emergency tree removal service that has experience in communicating with insurance companies. Choosing a tree removal company that is familiar with handling these types of emergencies and working with the homeowner’s insurance provider can make the process faster, smoother, and potentially less costly.

  • Why You Should Hire a Professional for Emergency Tree Removal

    Tree Roots

    Fallen trees and broken branches can pose a significant threat to the safety of your family and property. If one or more of your trees has suffered damage due to storms or high winds, it’s essential to hire a professional for emergency tree removal in Atlanta. Tree service professionals can deal with your damaged trees quickly, safely, and effectively.

    Increased Safety

    In the case of a tree emergency, you should first ensure that everyone is safe and uninjured. If someone has been hurt, seek treatment for the individual before calling emergency tree services. Next, for the safety of you and your family, it’s essential that you hire a professional in tree removal. You should never try to remove a fallen tree yourself because even small trees require expert skills and the proper equipment to be handled safely. Tree removal professionals have the experience needed to deal with your tree emergency safely.

    Mitigated Damage

    Even if a fallen or damaged tree appears to be stable, it may still be a danger to your property. Broken trees should be dealt with as quickly as possible to mitigate the threat that they pose. By calling a professional 24-hour tree service, you can rest assured that the tree will be dealt with efficiently, possibly preventing further damage to your home. Additionally, moving trees and branches can create a significant mess in your yard. Professional tree services have the necessary gear to pick up heavy branches and complete proper stump removal.

    Quicker Reimbursement

    The damage caused by fallen trees and branches can leave you with some costly repair bills. Luckily, a professional tree removal company can help make sure that you get the most out of your homeowner’s insurance policy. Businesses that specialize in emergency tree services will often be willing to work directly with your insurance provider to streamline the claim approval procedure and quicken the reimbursement process. You can minimize the destruction and hassle caused by damaged trees by getting professional assistance for your tree removal needs.

  • Common Reasons for Emergency Tree Removal

    reasons for emergency tree removal Trees provide shade and beauty to your property, as well as create privacy for your home. The trees in your yard also help to keep the area cooler and give off oxygen for a more pleasant environment. Even though you can enjoy your trees year-round, there are certain occasions when you may need emergency tree service in Atlanta . If a tree is sick, dying, or already dead, it could pose a hazard for you, your family, and anyone who comes near your property. Emergency tree removal by a certified arborist is a smart choice for your safety as well as the look of your property. Read on to learn about the common reasons for emergency tree removal.

    A tree was damaged during a storm.

    Storms can happen during any season, and may cause a variety of different types of damage. While you may batten down the hatches inside your house, the trees in your yard are left to fend for themselves. If a tree is older, weak, or there is simply a strong storm, it may incur damage that makes it a hazard. Wind can crack branches or even cause a tree to blow over. Heavy snow may pile up on the tree, which might not be able to withstand the weight. If you experience a severe storm in your area, it’s a good idea to call your tree service company to see if you need to take action.

    A tree poses a threat to property or people.

    Emergency tree removal may be called for when a tree or parts of it have blown over or landed on a building or car. In some cases, emergency tree removal is a preventive measure. If you notice that a tree on your property is leaning in a way that it didn’t before, or you see branches that have cracked, don’t wait for an accident to happen. Emergency tree removal can help prevent branches and trees from falling on structures or passersby, a risk you do not want to take.

  • What Are Some Common Tree Diseases?

    regular tree trimming and tree pruning Successful tree care serving Atlanta involves regular tree trimming and tree pruning. Additionally, you should be able to recognize signs of disease on your trees to keep them healthy and attractive. Some tree conditions can result in mild disfiguration while others can lead to tree death. The following are a few common diseases that can affect your trees, even with proper tree trimming and pruning:

    Powdery Mildew

    The result of a number of fungal pathogens, powdery mildew grows on the surface of affected plants, and can be found on a broad range of trees in North America. Powdery mildew can cause leaves, flowers, and shoots to grow abnormally, and can stunt the growth of young trees. To prevent this disease, select fungus-resistant tree varieties and avoid planting in shady or crowded areas.

    Oak Wilt

    One of the more severe diseases that affects trees, oak wilt is a systemic fungal condition that can kill infected plants. Oak wilt can affect many tree species and is spread by beetles and infected grafts. Early symptoms include premature defoliation, rapid leaf discoloration, and yellowed leaf veins. Some tree species respond to treatments, but those in the red oak family do not. As a preventative measure, inject susceptible trees with a systemic fungicide during the growing season.

    Apple Scab

    An early season leaf disease that affects crabapple trees, apple scab shows up in the form of scab-like lesions on leaves. This condition is mostly an aesthetic problem, but can also lead to premature defoliation in affected trees. Tree care for plants infected with apple scab should begin with fungicidal treatments.

    Lethal Yellow of Palm

    Typically affecting palms in Florida and Texas, lethal yellow of palm is caused by phytoplasma transmitted by planthopper insects. Symptoms include premature fruit dropping, yellowing foliage, and flower death. Left untreated, an infected palm will usually die within five months. Using insecticides to prevent transmission of lethal yellow of palm is an effective prevention method, and infected trees sometimes respond to antibiotic injections.

  • Identifying Common Tree Problems

    If you are looking for tree trimming, tree pruning or tree services near Atlanta, you may be wondering how to provide proper tree care or how to treat a problem your tree has. For a tree to have a good start, it’s essential to buy high-quality seedlings, plant them properly, and keep up with tree trimming and pruning. Watch this video for tips on identifying and preventing common tree problems.

    It’s common for people to buy a tree from a nursery and find, after removing it from its nursery pot, that the roots are growing in a circle. If left this way, they will continue to grow in a spiral and will eventually strangle themselves and kill the tree. To prevent this, partially sever the roots to shock them back into their natural, outward growth pattern.

  • How to Hire a Tree Trimmer

    tree trimmer atlanta Properties with trees that grow near roofs and powerlines can benefit from regular tree trimming near Atlanta . Heavy branches over your house can cause extensive damage, promote mold growth, and give rodents easy access to your roof, and trees damaged by storms can be unsightly and dangerous.

    When hiring a professional tree cutting service, first find out if they are licensed and insured. Next, ask the tree service if they can provide referrals so you can be sure that they are experienced in the tasks that need completing and that they provide quality work.

    Before settling on a tree trimming company, look into what the company typically charges customers and then ask for an estimate. Lastly, find out what type of equipment the tree trimming company plans to use. For instance, some companies use spikes to climb trees that can cause damage and leave ugly marks in the bark. Unless you plan to have the tree removed, find a company that does not use spikes.