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Choosing the Right Trees for Your Yard

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Trust AKA Tree Service to choose the right trees for your yard in Atlanta GA.Whether you are planning a new landscape design or are looking to enhance the beauty and appeal of your existing property, trees are an essential feature for your landscaping. By selecting healthy trees that fit well into your landscape design, you will be provided with natural beauty for many years to come. A company offering tree service serving Atlanta can assist you with tree care after you plant your new tree. From tree cutting to tree removal and more, your ISA arborist will have a full knowledge of all of the essentials of tree care. To assist you with your landscape design, here is a look at how to choose the right trees for your yard.

Consider Tree Type

Trees fall into either evergreen or deciduous categories. When you are choosing a new tree for your backyard , you will need to determine what type of tree will be the best fit for your needs. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in fall, and will offer you cool shade during the heat of summer. By contrast, evergreen trees keep their lush, green beauty, throughout the seasons.

Evaluate Tree Size and Shape

Along with deciding what type of tree will be the best fit for your landscaping, you will also need to evaluate that size and shape of tree will be the best fit for your property. Large, mature trees are a great fit for spacious backyards. For those properties that are smaller in size, smaller trees with compact profiles may make a better fit.

Examine Your Site

With the help of a tree service professional, you can determine what site on your property will be the best choice for your tree. In order to make sure that your tree grows up healthy and strong, you will want to choose a planting site that offers healthy soil, proper sun exposure, and proper drainage. After you have selected your tree and site, you will be ready to plant your beautiful new tree.

Choosing the Right Trees for Your Yard in Atlanta GA

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