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Common Causes of a Tree Emergency

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Having trees on your property is a great way to add aesthetic appeal, provide an environment for local wildlife, and increase the energy efficiency of nearby buildings. However, trees require a bit of upkeep and, in some circumstances, may require emergency tree service. According to certified arborists, there are some common reasons why individuals find themselves in need of emergency tree service near Decatur and Atlanta .

Emergency Tree Service by Brackenbox in Atlanta, GA


Like other plants, trees can be affected by diseases. When a tree disease goes unnoticed, it can do a significant amount of damage to the plant, and even end up killing it. Some diseases can cause a tree to die and become hollow, while others can affect the root structure holding the tree in place. If enough damage is done, diseased trees can present a hazard to people and property nearby. For this reason, it is important to contact a tree arborist as the first signs of disease, such as leaf loss, branch loss, and leaf discoloration. When caught and treated early, tree diseases can frequently be reversed. Once they are too advanced, however, you may need to call an emergency service about tree removal or trimming.


When the elements take a turn for the worst, it is not uncommon for trees to fall victim to heavy rains and severe winds. Too much wet weather can cause soil erosion around the roots of trees, a problem which can eventually cause them to lean or fall. Also, too much erosion can affect the health of the tree and, even if it remains standing, the tree may develop a disease that leaves it rotten or weakened. Fallen, leaning, and weakened trees can all pose a hazard to people and property, and should be dealt with immediately. Winds can all damage trees by breaking limbs. Following bad weather, take a walk around your property and if you notice that your trees have branches that are damaged, contact an emergency tree trimming service about removing the hazardous limbs.

Common Causes of a Tree Emergency in Atlanta GA

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