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Deciding Between Tree Pruning and Removal

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Tree removal services by AKA Tree Service in Atlanta GA and Nashville TN Even with routine pruning and trimming, some trees unfortunately pose a permanent safety hazard. Also, sometimes damaged trees become unhealthy and start to die. If you suspect you have such a tree on your property, call a tree removal service in Atlanta . An arborist can determine whether your tree simply needs extra pruning or needs to be removed. The guide below will help you understand when to choose tree removal over pruning.

Overgrown Branches vs. Overgrown Roots

Property owners often become concerned when tree branches start to grow towards the edge of buildings. Heavy and large branches can threaten windows, roofs, gutters, and power lines. However, branch problems can usually be addressed by careful trimming from a professional tree service. But when a tree’s roots grow into drain pipes and toward a home’s foundation, you may need tree removal services, because at that point there is little else that can be done.

Branch Damage vs. Trunk Damage

If your tree has been damaged by an event such as high winds or a lightning strike, have a professional inspect it. When damage is mostly confined to the branches, there is a chance that the tree can be saved by precise pruning. If the damage is all on one side, however, the tree will be lopsided after trimming and will grow unevenly, thus creating a hazard. And if the trunk is damaged, the chances are higher that you will need to remove the tree, as severe trunk damage is often fatal, and also causes the tree to become structurally unsound.

Tree Age vs. Tree Space

For many species, growth slows dramatically after the tree reaches a certain age. In some cases, older trees can be kept under control simply by scheduling more frequent pruning. Younger trees, however, still have the potential to grow quite a bit. If you have purchased a property where young trees were planted too close to buildings, power lines, or even to one another, you may need to remove them if they start to cause problems and grow in unsafe ways.

Deciding Between Tree Pruning and Removal in Atlanta GA

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