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Making the Trees on Your Property Safe

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Tree removal by AKA Tree Service ISA-certified arborists in Atlanta GA and Nashville TNDuring large storms, it is not uncommon to see a tree fall over and cause extensive damage to anything in its path. Believe it or not, you can actually protect yourself against events like this simply by ensuring that the trees on your property are safe. Whether you need to remove a tree near Atlanta or you just need some pruning, it’s a good idea to make sure that your plant life isn’t a potential danger to your home or anyone else.

Watch Out For Utility Lines

Power lines often run along the street, so if you’ve got large trees in the same area, they could become a problem during windy nights. In these cases, tree trimming is often required so that the power line will not be affected by moving branches. However, depending on the overall health of the tree itself, tree removal might be a better option. Keep on the lookout for broken or dying branches, and remove foliage that shows signs of decay.

Look For Signs of Damaged Trees

Damaged trees don’t always present themselves in an obvious way, but there are clues that can help you to determine their health. Loose or dying branches are a pretty clear sign that there is a problem, and you should do your best to at least remove those branches so that they do not fall and cause unnecessary damage to anything. If the trunk of the tree is beginning to lean in one direction, that could also be another sign of a problem. Keep an eye out for cracks in the trunk as well.

Take Care of Problematic Trees

If you’ve discovered a tree that might be a problem, manage the risk by either removing the tree or protecting your property. It’s obviously impossible to move your house, but if other property is being threatened by fallen trees, you should probably move it out of harm’s way. A combination of tree pruning and bracing can also help to avoid any potential damage by removing weak branches and increasing stability of the foliage.

Making the Trees on Your Property Safe in Atlanta GA

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