• Get to Know the Destructive Southern Pine Beetle

    Invasive pests are a common problem seen by tree care professionals, and one of which that may affect your pines is called the southern pine beetle. Watch this video to learn about this pest that’s frequently dealt with by tree services and ISA certified arborists near Atlanta .

    The southern pine beetle can typically be found living in the inner bark of pine trees. This invasive insect is seen commonly by tree service professionals and is the most destructive bug associated with pine trees in the southern United States. Mature beetles are 2 to 4 mm long, are brown or black in color, and have a cylindrical shape and short legs. Southern pine beetles feed on the phloem tissue of pines and can eventually lead to a tree’s death.

  • The Importance of Regular Tree Trimming and Pruning

    Trees grow and evolve as seasons pass, making ongoing care an important part of property maintenance. Continue reading to learn about why consistent tree trimming and tree pruning near Atlanta are important.

    Tree Trimming and Prunning Service in Atlanta, GA

    Promoting New Growth

    Over time, some of the branches on a tree can die, become diseased, or break. To prevent these parts from falling, infecting other areas of the tree, or stifling the plant’s growth, tree care experts recommend regular tree pruning and trimming. By clearing away these problem areas, you can help eliminate potential hazards and simultaneously stimulate new, healthy growth for the tree.

    Supporting Overall Health

    When left without any maintenance, it’s possible for trees to grow more densely than is healthy for them. When a tree’s canopy is too thick with leaves and branches, this can affect the plant’s health by preventing enough sunlight from reaching where it should. Also, too much growth in a tree’s canopy can stifle air circulation and create an environment that promotes tree diseases. For these reasons, arborists recommend that property owners have their trees pruned regularly.

    Protecting People’s Safety

    Having trees on your property can boost its value, add beauty, and provide shade. However, it’s critical to maintain your trees to help ensure people’s safety when on your land. Broken and diseased branches that are not removed may fall and seriously injure someone, and crossed or split branches can present the same problem while also stressing the tree. To help keep your trees healthy and people safe, remember to schedule regular tree pruning.

    Saving Your Trees

    High winds and stormy weather can take a toll on trees and lead to split and broken branches. When left alone, damaged trees can be a hazard for people and your property. Additionally, this type of damage can make the tree more vulnerable to disease and may even lead to the plant’s death. To help ensure that your trees survive any damage that they incur, you should schedule regular tree trimming and care to address damaged areas.

  • Why Hire an ISA Certified Arborist for Tree Treatment?

    Is one or more of your trees looking diseased or unwell? If so, then you have a good reason to contact a tree service and hire an ISA certified arborist in Decatur for treatment. Trees are investments that can boost your property’s value, make your home more energy efficient, and add natural beauty to your landscaping. For these reasons, it makes sense to do what you can to restore their health if your trees are struggling.

    Certified Arborist for Tree Treatment in Altanta, GA

    ISA certified arborists are tree care professionals that can be trained in dealing with a broad range of tree diseases. These tree experts must work full-time for at least 3 years in the professional tree care industry before being certified, and they must pass an examination that covers a specific facet of arboriculture. Municipal, utility, climber, aerial lift, and master arborist are examples of specialty areas in which these tree care experts can be certified. Because of the training that they receive, it makes sense to work with a tree service that employs ISA certified arborists.

  • How to Inspect Trees for Damage After a Storm

    After severe weather, emergency tree services near Decatur are busy taking care of fallen trees and broken branches throughout the area. Dealing with problems like these should not be postponed, so it’s important to know how to inspect your property after a storm and to contact a 24-hour tree service if necessary. Follow these steps to check your trees for storm damage:

    Tree Damage Risk from Summer Storms

    Look for Leaning Trees

    A common mistake that people make is to assume that if a tree didn’t fall during the storm, then it will continue to hold its ground. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and a tree that falls can cause significant damage to your property and can lead to severe injury or death if it were to fall on a person. For these reasons, trees that are leaning need to be addressed right away. Walk your property, and if any of the trees are anything but fully upright after a storm, then you should have an expert come out and determine if tree removal will be necessary. This recommendation goes for trees that are leaning against structures or other trees, as well, and trees that have already fallen should not be ignored.

    Check for Utility Wires

    As you check each tree for damage, you should also keep an eye out for any wires that are in contact with their branches. High winds can loosen utility lines or break branches, allowing trees and wires to come in contact with one another. If you see any wires that are touching your trees, then you should schedule tree trimming for your property.

    Search for Broken Branches

    Often underestimated, broken tree branches can be a hazard to people and property and can also stress a tree and leave it vulnerable to health problems. Check each of your trees for broken, cracked, or split branches after severe weather. If you spot any large or hard-to-reach branches that are damaged, then call an emergency tree service as soon as possible about having your damaged trees trimmed.

  • Spotlight on Fusiform Rust Disease

    Today, about a third of the loblolly and slash pine trees in the Southeastern U.S. suffer from a fungal disease called fusiform rust. For this reason, it’s a common problem seen by tree care specialists, tree services, and ISA certified arborists in Atlanta . Although this tree disease does not result in a significant number of tree deaths, a severely affected plant can succumb to this type of fungal infection. More commonly, the presence of this disease can reduce the value of pine timber.

    Watch this video to learn more about this tree disease. With the implementation of mass production of pine wood, fusiform rust went from being a rare problem to one that appeared consistently within pine stands. This fungal disease is still typical among pine trees and is more common within intensively managed areas. For stands that are significantly affected, thinning the area through tree removal can be beneficial.

  • The Importance of Mulching Newly Planted Trees

    When you hire an ISA certified arborist to care for your newly planted trees, he or she may recommend that you mulch your youngest plantings. In this video, you will learn all about why mulching is an important step of tree care. Applying mulch to the base of a tree will protect its root system, and will also help to nourish the tree as it grows. A company that offers tree service serving Decatur and Atlanta can provide you with more tree care tips.

    Mulching Newly Planted Trees in Atlanta, GA

    Along with mulching your trees, there are other essential steps for caring for the trees in your yard. An arborist can help you with tree trimming, stump grinding, and emergency tree service throughout every season of the year.

  • When to Call an Emergency Tree Removal Service

    Fallen and damaged trees can present a serious safety hazard to people, and they can also lead to serious property damage. For these reasons, a tree that is unstable in any way should be dealt with immediately. The following are a few signs that mean you should contact an emergency tree service near Decatur :

    Emergency Removal Service in Atlanta, GA

    When There’s Illness

    The damage that can be caused by tree diseases is a common reason why people require emergency tree removal services. When allowed to progress, some tree diseases can kill a tree or cause it to become unstable. If any of your trees are hollow, leaning, have dead branches, or appear unhealthy, then consider calling an arborist or tree service to take a look at the plant and determine the best course of action.

    After a Storm

    Heavy winds and rains can take a toll on trees. If your area recently suffered a severe storm or hurricane, then it’s important to evaluate your property for any signs of tree damage. If any of your trees have broken branches, are leaning to one side, or have fallen against another tree or a structure, then you should contact an emergency tree removal company right away. These professionals can evaluate the trees and determine if any branches need to be cut or if tree removal will be necessary. Taking care of these issues can be critical for the protection of people and property.

    Following Rainy Weather

    While a number of factors can contribute to soil erosion, this problem can be more common during rainy weather. When wet conditions or flooding cause soil to wash away, this can affect the stability of trees in the area by reducing support for the roots. After flooding or heavy rains, take a look at the trees on your property. If any are starting to lean or have roots that are significantly exposed, then it’s time to contact an emergency tree service.

  • Knowing When to Water Your Trees

    Mature trees contain complex root systems that allow them to obtain water from deep underground. While you may not need to water your trees throughout the year, it may be necessary to water during the very hot summer months. A company that offers tree service serving Decatur and Atlanta can help you decide whether you need to include watering as a part of your routine tree care. During your routine tree trimming and tree removal service, your arborists will also be able to help you set up a watering plan.

    Tree Watering Plan

    Typically, you will only need to water your trees when they are newly planted, or when your area is experiencing a drought. If your trees are showing signs of sickness or disease, occasional watering may help them to regain their health. To achieve the best results from watering your trees, you will want to make sure that you completely soak the area around the tree’s root system. An ISA certified professional can help you decide when watering needs to be performed as a regular tree service.

  • How Canopy Thinning Can Keep Your Trees Healthy

    When was the last time you hired a tree trimming service near Atlanta? If it’s been more than a year, then the trees on your property may be overdue for maintenance. For several reasons, tree pruning and trimming are important parts of tree care . First, these practices can help your trees produce more fruit and flowers, and they may also improve their growth and appearance. More importantly, tree trimming to prevent the canopy from becoming too dense may promote the health of the plant.

    Tree Canopy Thinning in Atlanta, GA

    To remain healthy, trees need to get plenty of sunlight. If their canopies become too dense with branches and leaves, then this can prevent necessary sunlight from filtering through. Also, sufficient air circulation can be critical for preventing a host of tree diseases. When a tree’s canopy grows too densely, this may reduce air flow and promote the growth of fungi and bacteria. For these reasons, hiring a tree trimming service for canopy thinning may help keep your trees healthy.

  • Identifying Common Symptoms of a Sick Tree

    Trees are a beautiful part of your home’s landscaping. In order to keep your yard looking great throughout the seasons, it is important to make sure that you practice proper tree trimming and other forms of tree care. With services from a company that offers tree cutting near Decatur and Atlanta , you can encourage healthy growth on all of your trees. In the event that you start to notice that your trees are showing symptoms of being unhealthy, you will want to set up an emergency tree service. Read on for an overview of some of the most common symptoms of a sick tree.

    Common Sick Tree Symptoms by Brackenbox

    Changes in Leaf Color

    As a homeowner, you will get to know the typical color of the leaves on the trees around your property. While many trees have leaves that change colors as summer transitions into fall, you will want to keep an eye out for any unseasonal changes in hue. If a tree’s leaves start to turn yellow or brown at a strange time of year, the tree may be diseased.

    Unusual Spots or Marks

    Routine inspection of your tree trunks and branches will allow you to take note of any unusual spots or marks that appear on the surface of your trees. Certain types of tree sicknesses create unsightly blemishes on a tree’s bark. Any unusual marks or growths on the surface of the tree should be identified by a certified arborist. Your arborist will know what types of spots are a normal part of growth, and which blemishes indicate sickness.

    Damaged Branches

    While high winds and other weather events can cause a tree to shed its branches, a tree that is losing its branches or leaves unexpectedly may be experiencing an illness. As soon as you start to notice visible signs of damage on one or more trees around your property, you will want to hire an arborist to assist you. Your tree technician will use restorative techniques to return your tree back to perfect health.