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Seasonal Guidelines for Tree Pruning

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Tree pruning services by AKA Tree Service in Atlanta GA and Nashville TNThere are many ways in which you can improve your yard and the exterior of your home in order to enhance your curbside appeal and even boost the resale value of your property. Tree pruning in Atlanta is a great way to revitalize your trees and keep them looking their best throughout the year, and it can be done during most parts of the year. Keep reading if you would like to take a look at seasonal guidelines for tree pruning.


Tree trimming and pruning can be done for different purposes and on different occasions throughout the year. Although each species of tree is different, they can all benefit from this routine maintenance. Summer tree pruning allows you to shape the growth of your trees so that you end up with exactly the softscaping you desire. Since trees are typically finished with their seasonal growth by summertime, the warmer months of the year present the opportunity to stunt the development of certain undesirable branches. Summer trimming and pruning also allow you to detect defective or sagging limbs so that you can correct them and enjoy an ideal tree in your yard.


While pruning your trees during the summer can help you to shape your growth and deal with unwanted limbs and branches, pruning and trimming over the winter can catalyze new growth in your tree throughout the blooming season. Wintertime is the most common time for tree pruning and tree cutting services, although it is a good idea to do your work towards the end of the winter rather than leading up to the coldest days. If you notice your trees bleeding sap, do not worry; this is common in a number of species such as walnuts, maples, and birches, and will eventually stop.


Pruning can enhance tree growth, eliminate unwanted branches, and help flowering. As helpful as it can be to prune during different seasons, however, you should avoid pruning and trim throughout the fall. Pruning helps to encourage growth, but doing so right before the winter season can cause the plants to weaken instead.

Seasonal Guidelines for Tree Pruning in Atlanta GA

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