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The Process of Pruning Young Trees

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If you want to have lush, healthy trees someday, you need to make sure your young trees receive proper pruning early and often. Young trees that receive appropriate trimming and pruning will require less corrective measures as they mature. Professional tree pruning will also help maintain the shape and appearance of your young trees as they come into maturity, which will bolster the curb appeal of your home. A professional tree trimmer in Atlanta will prune your young trees in the following manner:

Arborist pruning a tree branch in Atlanta GA and Nashville TN by AKA Tree Service

Inspect Overall Tree Condition

Before pruning, the arborist will inspect the young trees to look for signs of damage or disease. If your trees are not healthy, your arborist will recommend services to strengthen your trees to ensure proper growth.

Identify Cut Locations

Pruning cut location is critical to a tree’s growth and wound closure response. Before making any cuts, the tree trimming expert will identify the best cut locations to avoid damaging the trunk and compromising wound response, which is the way a tree heals after its branches are cut. Improper cuts may lead to permanent internal decay, so leave pruning to a professional tree trimming service in Atlanta.

Select Permanent Branches

In addition to selecting cut locations based on wound response, your arborist will also identify permanent branches based on spacing and balance, both vertically and radially. The tree professional will also consider the relative size of the branches and branch angles in choosing permanent branches.

Establish Strong Scaffold Structure

A good structure of primary branches, called scaffold branches, is a mature tree’s framework. The tree trimmer will establish a strong, central trunk with sturdy, well-spaced branches to train the young trees to establish a solid framework as they mature. This is crucial if your trees are to develop a strong structure that requires less corrective pruning as they mature.

The Process of Pruning Young Trees in Atlanta GA

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